Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Sydney

choc chip cookie

The budget cuts announced last week took a lot away from us as citizens. They took away our free healthcare, our equal education opportunities, our pension before we’re 70, and much much more, but what they can never take away from us is the joy of a perfectly crafted chocolate chip cookie. In these dire […]

Victoire, Sydney

Victoire Sydney

Victoire, The Art of Bread Making Formerly at Balmain, Victoire boulangerie / pâtisserie moved down the street to Rozelle late last year. This was good news for me as it meant I was now only minutes away from eye candy! The sweet scent of freshly baked Parisian-style pastries, tarts, cakes, and rustic breads are almost […]

Hello Happy, Strathfield

Hello Happy Strathfield

Hello Happy, Strathfield NOTE: Hello Happy has moved location, The location in this article has been updated. Last Monday would have been just another girly catch-up dinner at CeCi in Strathfield had I not discovered Hello Happy (to which I squealed with excitement).As you may have noticed, I’m a regular at Strathfield. With a growing […]