Cathay Pacific - camera beneath the plane

Abroad the Cathay Pacific flight to Kansai (Osaka) Airport, I was fascinated to discover that there was a channel to view the camera which was mounted beneath the plane. This shot was taken a couple of minutes after take-off.

Abroad Cathay Pacific - HK to Osaka, Lunch of green tea soba noodle, stir-fried beef with sa cha sauce, steamed rice and assorted vegies and creme caramel

Lunch of green tea soba noodle with wasabi and soy, stir-fried beef with sa cha sauce, steamed rice, assorted vegetables and creme caramel.

Bento boxes at a grocery store in Osaka

Everything is so convenient! These little bento boxes are available at any local grocery store.

Squared watermelon in Osaka

And yes, it’s true… watermelon in Japan aren’t round! They’re grown into cubes for efficient storage.

Jennifer Lam at the Hello Kitty store, Shinsaibashi

Here I am, outside the Hello Kitty store at a shopping strip in Shinsaibashi.

Inside the Hello Kitty store, Shinsaibashi

I love the way the interior has been designed… very fairytale-like.

Food display outside restaurant at Shinsaibashi

Another thing I love about Japan is the way each restaurant window displays a realistic plastic imitation of the food. This is a true mouth-salivating WYSIWYG.

Food display outside restaurant at Shinsaibashi

More plastic food displays in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Food display outside restaurant at Shinsaibashi

Buns at Grand Afternoon Tea, Shinsaibashi

Grand Afternoon Tea, Shinsaibashi.

Night neon lights at Shinsaibashi, Osaka

At night, Shinsaibashi is packed with people and glows with fluorescent neon lights.

Night neon lights at Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Mum and I at Nijyu Maru

For dinner, we were taken (by our Wing On tour guide to Nijyu Maru at Shinsaibashi, Osaka. The PO Box look-alikes behind is actually where shoes are kept after you take them off.

Shabu-Shabu fresh vegetables

Shabu-Shabu means “swish swish” which describes the way these fresh vegetables (enoki mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, chinese cabbage & spring chrysanthemum leaves) and thinly sliced beef and pork are cooked.

Shabu-Shabu sliced beef and pork

Shabu-Shabu at Nijyu Maru, Shinsaibashi

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  1. Hey Jen wow i’m soooooo jealous 😛 hehehe everything looks so good and yummy hmm…. your mom looks really young and pretty btw hehe.. i can see some reassemblance (dunno if i spell that correctly)


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