bread and organic extra virgin olive oil

Complimentary bread and organic extra virgin olive oil

Gamberi e Rucola

Gamberi e Rucola, $19.50
Pizza – Mozzarella, prawns, cherry tomatoes and rocket

Maccheroni con pomodoro fresco e melanzane croccanti

Maccheroni con pomodoro fresco e melanzane croccanti, $17.00
Maccaroni with fresh tomato and basil sauce topped with crispy eggplant

Patate croccanti, crispy potatoes with garlic and rosemary

Patate croccanti, $9.00
Crispy potatoes with garlic and rosemary

Prosciutto, rucola e scaglie di parmigano

Prosciutto, rucola e scaglie di parmigano, $16.50
Pizza – Tomato, mozzarella, rocket, thinly sliced prosciutto and parmesan shavings

Casareccia con ragu di pesce

Casareccia con ragu di pesce, $20.00
Casareccia pasta with a finely chopped calamari, scallop, prawn and tomato ragyu


Pizza – Sopressa, $17.50
Tomato, mozzarella and slices of spicy cured pork sausage


Tiramisu, $10.00
Italian coffee and ricotta trifle

Bonet al cioccolate e caramello

Bonet al cioccolate e caramello, $10.00
Baked chocolate and amaretti custard, with caramel

Pizza dolce con banana canella e salsa di cioccolato

Pizza dolce con banana canella e salsa di cioccolato, $9.50
Sweet pizza with baked banana, cinnamon sugar and dark Belgium chocolate

Cannolo Napoltano con ricotta dolce e salsa di lamponi

Cannolo Napoltano con ricotta dolce e salsa di lamponi, $9.50
Pastry tubes filled with sweetened ricotta and chocolate served with a raspberry sauce

We had lunch at Pizza e Birra today, to celebrate a record breaking month in June. The establishment was hard-to-miss, though it lacked signage. We got there at about 12.30pm where it was still empty, and by 1pm, it was packed! The interior was airy, with large warehouse windows, cemented ceilings and basic wooden chairs and tables (we sat on the only round table). We were firstly served complimentary bread and organic extra virgin olive oil. The bread was excellent. For main’s, I ordered the Maccheroni which was served in fresh tomatoes and basil. The crispy eggplant was awesome and wasn’t one bit too oily.
The crispy potatoes, garlic and rosemary is also a must. For dessert, I had the Banana pizza. The belgium chocolate sauce was irresistable! (I wiped it all up with the pizza base!).
The food looks pretty ordinary, but it’s got a lovely menu that is obviously high in quality.
Pizza e Birra
500 Crown St (corner of Arthur St) Surry Hills
Phone: (02) 9332 2510

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