Chocolate is a girl’s best friend… So suffering from Tuesdayitis, my chocoholic workmates and I power walked to the Lindt Concept Store and Cafe at Martins Place during another lunchtime adventure, with the hope of reviving our mentality. The store emphasized the royal nature of chocolate with glass cabinet displays, marble columns and sky high ceilings. The windows reached far up and created a heavenly atmosphere. I thought I was fantasizing, but perhaps this explains the glowing menu.

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - menu

Lindt Cafe – menu

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - iced chocolate

Iced Milk Chocolate
The cafe was filled with black power suits… and very little staff. As a result, the waiters/waitresses barely addressed our existence! However, once a table was available, I found that the service was very swift, maybe even a little too hurried.
I ordered the Chocolate and Caramel Poire.

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - chocolate and caramel poire

Chocolate and Caramel Poire

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - inside the chocolate and caramel poire

Light, creamy and exotic… the poached pear was matched perfectly with the sweetness of the mousse and a rich textured base.

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - opera cake

The Opera cake looked disappointing but the rich layers of chocolate and coffee was ecstatic!

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - schiacciata

A tiny serving of the schiacciata of roast beef, pumpkin chutney and rocket.
The temptation took over as we stopped by the chocolate and cake displays on our way out. I felt like a little kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… but this was the place for adults to indulge (in moderation ofcourse).

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - chocolates

Lindt Concept Store and Cafe - cakes

Lindt Chocolat Cafe on Urbanspoon
Lindt Concept Store and Cafe
53 Martin Place, Sydney
Tel: 02 8257 1600


  1. Beverly – Thanks! You look awesome pics too! I love your pic of the chandelier and marble columns… From the looks of your entry, sounds like you’re an addict to the Lindt Cafe now as well!

  2. i have a question if you could please answer me i will really appreciate it; this lindt concept store and cafe, where is it located? is there a website for it?

  3. Hi Joseph – There’s a store at 51 Martin Place & 124 Cockle Bay Wharf (Darling Harbour). They don’t really have an Australian website as such. But they stores are quite easy to locate! Hope you enjoy it.


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