Eyeblaster has finally made the move. That’s right… we are in the city! This means more shopping, more food and more importantly, better food. So for our first Friday Lunch, we strolled down to Masuya. The restaurant was full-to-capacity. Note to self: must make booking next time! The waitress politely handed us a menu each, and informed us of a 5 minute wait. I salivated at all the nicely presented food that was being brought out. While the staff was welcoming, they weren’t very attentive, and we must’ve waited at least 10 minutes before anyone caught an eye on how eager we were to order. Another 20 – 30 minutes later, our food arrived.
I really wanted to order the Shogun set which featured Wagyu Yakiniku beef, teriyaki chicken, tempura, sashimi, nigiri sushi, California roll, miso soup and rice, but after I saw my Tempura and Tonkatsu Bento Box, I was really glad I hadn’t been too greedy. Generous servings and good quality food. The tempura was light and crispy… and the deep fried tonkatsu had the perfect crunch. The glossy tonkatsu sauce was rich and boasted a distinctive (and addictive) zing. I’ll be back for the Wagyu 🙂

Masuya Japanese Restaurant - Lunch Bento Box - Tempura and Tonkatsu

Lunch Bento Box – Tempura and Tonkatsu set, $19.50

Masuya Japanese Restaurant - Lunch Bento Box - Tonkatsu


Masuya Japanese Restaurant - Lunch Bento Box - Tempura


Masuya Japanese Restaurant - Lunch Bento Box - Masuya Set

Masuya set of teriyaki chicken, tempura, sashimi (in this case, was replaced with an additional serve of tempura and a few pieces of sushi), rice and miso soup, $22.50

Masuya Japanese Restaurant - Lunch Bento Box - Vegetarian Set

Vegetarian Bento Box – vegetarian sushi roll, vegetable tempura, agedashi tofu, salad, miso soup and fruits, $17.50
Masuya Japanese Seafood on Urbanspoon
Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant
Basement level, 12-14 O’Connell Street, Sydney
Phone: (02) 9235.2717 / (02) 9231.0038
Website: http://www.masuya.com.au/en/masuya/index.html

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