It is hard to miss Stra Pocha- a smokey red building opposite the Strathfield railway station (on the quieter side). At 6.30pm, this Korean BBQ restaurant was packed with locals. When we ordered the ‘special hot sauce BBQ chicken’ the waitress whom had limited-english, warned us that it was very hot and we weren’t allowed to make a complaint if it was unedible. This was enticing enough for us to order without hesitation. I love my food fiery hot.

Stra Pocha(Korean BBQ at Strathfield) - menu

The menu – most dishes were $30.

Stra Pocha(Korean BBQ at Strathfield) - condiments

Condiments of kimchi, pickled radish, and others

Stra Pocha(Korean BBQ at Strathfield) - Special hot sauce BBQ chicken

The special hot sauce BBQ chicken, $30
The hotness of this stunned us. Our mouths were on fire and our tongues were stung with numbness. It was perfect!

Stra Pocha(Korean BBQ at Strathfield) - Pork bone with potato hot soup

Pork bone with potato hot soup, $30
Stra Pocha on Urbanspoon
Stra Pocha
Everton Road, Strathfield (opposite Strathfield Station)


  1. hmm.. it’s amazing that u were
    able to eat that fire chicken i would have died by the first bite

    Must try the Egg Soup tho.. it
    sooothes the burning!!!


  2. Jimmy – Thanks for recommending me to this place! Now i won’t have to go to Hanabi anymore!
    Zen – you’re exceptionally excellent too hun 🙂
    Dianne – How was the BBQ chicken with cheese? Was it hot? We should go again soon!!

  3. If you have the guts to use the hot sauce these guys provide(not me), they’ll protect your hands with some see through plastic gloves. The food was good, but never before have a drank such a refreshing coke. Maybe it was a Pepsi or something but… the coke… it was something else. Chilled to perfection, not too cold as to dull the taste and not too warm as to increase the acidity. Just perfect!


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