After the Night Noodle Markets, the remaining six of us Foodies strolled down to Sofitel Wentworth for a Sugar Hit.

Sugar Hit_ Sofitel Wentworth - chocolate tasting plate

Tasting plate of white chocolate crème brulee, Valrhona bitter chocolate parfait and praline and a berry & milk chocolate terrine.
The table was split in two when we voted upon the best of the three. It was the creme brulee versus the berry and milk chocolate terrine. To my disappointment, the stickiness and softness of the brulee’s caramelised sugar, and the “sweating” terrine proved that the desserts had been prepared in advance. Nonetheless, I found it much more enjoyable than the Sugar Hit at Westin.

Sugar Hit_ Sofitel Wentworth - chocolate tasting plate - garnish of a rather hairy raspberry

The tasting plate featured a garnish of one of the hairiest raspberries!

Sugar Hit_ Sofitel Wentworth - brown brothers Botrytis Reisling

Brown Brothers – Botrytis Reisling… had a more concentrated character, and wasn’t as sweet or fruity as the Moscato.

Interior of Sofitel Wentworth, Sydney

I love the interior of hotels… high ceilings, marble walls, fancy chandeliers… ahhh… the pleasures.
Sugar Hit is available 9 – 11pm every night during October – the Good Food Month.
Sofitel Wentworth on Urbanspoon
Sofitel Wentworth
61-101 Phillip St, city
Phone: 9228 9157
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