I’m so behind with all of this blogging business. I’ve been tied down with the last weeks of uni (will definately be deferring next semester), and the biggest news is… well, I’ve resigned.
Moving on, here is another lunch time adventure brought to you by the Eyeblaster girls…

Cellini's Bar and Restaurant - Josephine Lau, Jennifer Lam, Shamini Moganadhass

Jo, me and Sham
Cellini’s Bar and Restaurant offers cafe style food inside the glorious (and historic) QVB. We ordered the fettucine carbonara and a roast capsicum and zucchini melt to share…
The fettucine carbonara was the perfect serving size for one. The pasta was al dente, and was intertwined with a sublime creamy pesto sauce.

Cellini's Bar and Restaurant - fettucine carbonara

fettucine carbonara
On the other hand, the melt was rather deceiving… I had expected something more hearty. Perhaps with the unnamed riches of pesto or roast eggplant. Instead, pickled vegetables and cheese lay ontop of some crusty turkish bread… Ah, the dissatisfaction…

Cellini's Bar and Restaurant - roast capsicum and zucchini melt

roast capsicum and zucchini melt
Cellini’s cafe-style menu shows influences which stretches from Italy to Asia. The service was wonderful, and the food was fairly priced and was prepared quite promptly… overall, a wonderful escape…
Cellini's Bar Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Cellini’s Bar and Restaurant
Level 2, Shop 46-48, QVB Sydney
Phone: 92644671
Operating Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am to 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 7pm

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  1. I must add my two bobs worth here – last time I dined at this greasy spoon it came out of orifices at both end of my body at a much more rapid rate than I had anticiapted. Wish I had dined downstairs in the QVB instead


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