Jet Bar/Cafe is neatly tucked into the front of the Queen Victoria Building. After confirming there was available seating, we soon crawled up a steep twist of stairs, and were led to a poorly lit table. The service was cold and unattentive… it must have been at least 40 minutes before our lunch arrived.
The spring rolls were a pricey four for $7 (I know… I see five in the photo too). It was as satisfying as an entree being served half way through the mains could be.

Jet Bar/Cafe at QVB - Entree of Spring Rolls

Entree of Spring Rolls
Both Jo and I ordered the prawn linguini, which was slightly tossed with tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil and chilli. The lemon juice added a refreshing balance, but overall, it was disappointingly bland.

Jet Bar/Cafe at QVB - prawn linguini

chilli prawn linguini

Jet Bar/Cafe at QVB - creamy pesto penne

chicken penne in a creamy pesto sauce

Jet Bar/Cafe at QVB - spaghetti bolognese

spaghetti bolognese
As usual, Sham went for the creamy pasta, and Jordan had the spaghetti bolognese… both looked wonderful and smelt so comforting! But our expectations would never have been met anyway… considering the wait and the service…
Jet on Urbanspoon
Jet Bar / Cafe
Queen Victoria Bldg
Level Ground, Shop 55, Druit St
Phone (02) 9283 5004

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Jennifer is the founder of I Ate My Way Through. Growing up in the multicultural melting pot of Sydney’s Inner West as a second generation Australian (of Vietnamese refugee parents of Teochew Chinese ancestry), Jen has always had a deep curiosity about global cuisines, culinary heritage and the cultural assimilation of immigrants. For Jen and her family, food is always at the centre of all celebrations, life events and milestones. A lover of the finer things in life, as well as cheap eats, her blogging ethos is all about empowering and inspiring people to expand their culinary repertoire. These days, you'll most likely find Jen blogging about slow & intentional living On The Slow Lane and sharing what she knows now about mindful parenting and play-based learning at Mama's Got This.


  1. Hi,
    Discovered your site today and viewed everything back till June. Wish you had more to look at. Your photogrphy is mouthwatering. I especially like that you describe the food. Living outside of NYCITY, we have lots of very good restaurants but Sydney must have the best oriental food around. How do you stay so slim?
    Hope you keep this site going for a LONG time.Thanks for a very pleasant afternoon!!!! Jean

  2. I must say that I totally disagree with your comments about Jet Cafe In the QVB. I have been going there for years and the food is always great! Yes, in their bust period you may have to wait for your meal, but that’s because it’s all freshly prepared and it’s quite a large restaurant with MANY regulars all ordering meals as well! Be fair and show some credit where it’s due!

  3. Hi donna – Glad to hear that you enjoy Jet Cafe. This was my first and only visit and it’s a pity their service and food did prompt another visit. I hope you also understand, that as a true blogger, I’m merely voicing my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

  4. I know QVB Jet well. I doubt you had permission to take photos as I have spoken to the owners recently about your blog and they were not aware. They are interested to know who gave you authorisation. Can you please respond ASAP.

  5. Hi James, I wouldn’t think I’d require authorisation to photograph something I paid for? From what I’m aware, permission is generally only necessary when photographing a private place such as the interior of a restaurant or the kitchen; or of people in a private place of which I have not posted.

  6. I work near Jet Bar/Cafe and I don’t think their service has improved since 2006. Recently I had asked whether they could do a 2 course meal for a group of 15 for lunch for approx $40-$50. I was rudely told no and waved out of the cafe. No sorry or apologies. Needless to say, I spent my $500+ somewhere else.


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