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Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill

The first time I heard about stone-grilling, I was rather turned off… I had pictured a succulent piece of steak on an ordinary slab of rock. How primitive and unhygienic! Stone-grilling is actually an ancient method of cooking, adopted from the Egyptians and Vikings. The stone is heated at 400 degrees celsius, and allows you to quickly seal in all flavours. It provides a standard cooking time of up to 1 hour…

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: table setting

Being such a simple and healthy method of cooking, Ishiya provides pages of variations.

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: menu

StroneGrill menu: porterhouse, aged tenderloin, lobster tail, fish fillet, mixed skewer, chicken and prawns, scotch fillet, vegetarian… you name it!

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: mocktails

Mocktails: lychee sour (with apple and watermelon) and green tea shake (with red bean and icecream)

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne:  miso soup

Miso soup… complimentary with any bento box

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: bento box

Bento Box of gyozas, teppanyaki fried rice and grilled aged tenderloin with sesame & tofu sauce

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: sashimi

Deluxe Sashimi: kingfish, salmon, tuna and prawn… included in the stone grill set

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: aged beef tenderloin with prawns, zucchini, tofu and mushroom

Aged Tenderloin and prawn stone grill set with zucchini, tofu and mushroom. Sauces include: ponzu, sesame and tofu, garlic butter and miso, wasabi and black pepper and teriyaki.

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill, Melbourne: aged beef tenderloin with prawns, zucchini, tofu and mushroom

My verdict? I loved stone-grilling! Its great being able to eat and cook at my own pace… You can have it as rare or as well-done as you like! My favourties of the sauces would probably have been the ponzu which is made of soy sauce, lemon juice and rice wine vinegar… and the creamy sesame and tofu sauce. MmM! The staff at Ishiya were also very friendly and informative 🙂
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Ishiya Japanese Stone Grill
152 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9650 9510

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