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Happy birthday Tim!
On Tuesday night, we were here to celebrate Tim’s 22nd birthday… well… I was more or less there to flex my photography skills. LOL. And surprise, surprise… Zen and I ended up indulging ourselves with a scrumptious 3 course meal.
J’adore restaurant is all about intimacy. There’s the fireplace, the slinky booths and the candlelit tables… However, with the Tuesday specials (2 for 1 mains), I was surprised to find that at 8pm, it was still relatively empty.
For entrees, Zen decided to go for what I would normally have ordered -the pork belly. He assured me that it was perfectly cooked and so satisfying to devour.

J'adore Restaurant and Bar: crispy skinned pork belly and seared Japanese scallops with a roasted quince puree and radish escabeche

Crispy skinned pork belly & seared Japanese scallops with roasted quince puree & radish escabèche
I had the giant quail with ginger syrup glaze. Driven by both curiousity and greed, my temptations overpowered me. How big could a giant quail really be? The quail was ever so tender. Its outside was glossy and tanned with sweetness. It was no longer a question of size. The bigger, the better.

J'adore Restaurant and Bar: pan fried giant quail with a ginger syrup, spicy sweet corn salsa and baby swiss chard

Pan fried giant quail with ginger syrup glaze, spicy sweet corn salsa and baby Swiss chard
Next, Zen opted for the chicken. It was too buttery for my liking… but he seemed to enjoy it.

J'adore Restaurant and Bar:  chicken cooked two ways with haricot verde mousseline with a morsel sauce and roasted ballontine with herb butter

Roast ballontine of chicken with herb butter

J'adore Restaurant and Bar:  pandan steamed red snapper, moreton bay buy and seared scallop with a rich pernod bouillabaisse, smoked tomato petals and a spicy rouille

Pandan steamed red snapper, Moreton bay bug & seared scallop with a rich Pernod bouillabaisse, smoked tomato petals and a spicy rouille
And I went for the bouillabaisse which was rich in flavour. Its distinctive aroma was so delicate… although a little overwhelming without slices of the trusty bread. The potatoes on the other hand were the ideal wedge. Crispy and flavoursome all around with a soft hearty centre.

J'adore Restaurant and Bar:  kipfler potatoes with spicy citrus and herb salt

Kipfler potatoes with spicy citrus and herb salt
At this stage, Zen was already prepared to skip desserts… but I had come prepared with my eyes on the brulee with sago and fresh lychees. MmM… It didn’t disappoint. The brulee was a creamy mixture of starchy sago and Malibu. Its caramelised crust proportion was perfect.

J'adore Restaurant and Bar:  pandan infused Malibu creme brulee with sago and fresh lychees

Pandan infused Malibu crème brûlée with sago & fresh lychees

J'adore Restaurant and Bar: tim's 22nd birthday - Zen Huang, Jennifer Lam, Tim Lum

Zen, me and the birthday boy

J'adore Restaurant and Bar: Tim's 22nd Birthday - group photo

Generous servings and with some intriguing dishes.
J’adore Lounge Bar & Restaurant
1A Burton Street Darlinghurst
Operating hours:
Tuesday to Friday – midday till 2.30pm & 6pm till midnight
Saturday: 6pm – midnight
Sunday & Monday: closed or open for special reservations/function
Bookings and enquiries: 0405 395 248 or email anya@jadore.com.au
Website: www.jadore.com.au

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