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High tea @ Swissotel

Girls love pampering, chocolate and gossip. To finish off my heavenly weekend (keep in mind this was wayyyy back at the beginning of this month), I had a manicure and a pedicure… and then arranged for high tea with the girls. I love high tea. All of us turned up in pretty summer dresses and stuffed ourselves with enough sugar to last a year. We spoke about uni, work, family, partners, holidays and aspirations. Nora then joked about it being called ‘high tea’ because we were so high on sugar. But who could resist? Everything was mouth-watering goodness.

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - scones

freshly baked raison scones… I lathered mine up with plenty of cream and strawberry jam

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - gourmet sandwiches

sandwiches and more! proscuitto with pickled onion, smoked salmon with capers…

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - tarts


Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - strawberry jelly

strawberry jelly

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - custard rolls

custard rolls

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - mixed berry cheesecake

mixed berry cheesecake

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - mud cake

mud cake

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - petite lemon meringue and fruit tarts

petite lemon meringue and fruit tarts

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - panna cotta

panna cotta

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - passionfruit

The warm foods were delectable morsels of pleasure. The home-baked pies consisted of chunky pieces of pumpkin, gravy and steak. And the rissoles were spiced with traceable bits of chorizo… so wholesome and rich.

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - finger foods, quickes, rissoles, mini pies

finger foods, quickes, rissoles, mini pies

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - creme brulee

creme brulee… perhaps the biggest disappointment of the weekend. There was too much egg and the topping was a hardly crystalised :'(

Swissotel Sydney, High Tea - descomp girls (Sarah Wu, Rennae Mui, Nora Shaheed, Jennifer Lam, Jodie Nguyen, Eugenia, Olivia Ta, Alicia Shum)

Sarah, Nae, Nora, me, Jods, Eugenia, Oli and Alicia.
High tea at Swissotel is a 2 hour marathon of fun. It runs between 2 – 4pm and is $29 on weekends, and $25 on weekdays.
High Tea
Crossroads Bar, Swissotel Sydney
Level 8, 68 Market Street
Phone: (02) 9238 8888

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