Despite my consumption of Vietnamese food at least twice a week, I’ve never blogged on it! So here’s the first… with many more to come 😉
Viet food is probably one of my favourite cuisines. It tastes of home… I love the herbs, the spices, all the greens and just the simplicity of its flavours. My parents always rant about how a bowl of Pho Dac Biet (beef noodle soup) or Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup) can be bought for just 50 cents in Vietnam. They used to wake up to its aromas…
Dong Ba at Bankstown is just like that. On a Saturday morning, families are packed inside this small but cheerful restaurant. Everything on the menu is practically $7!!
Mum and I ordered their specialty… bun bo hue… *drools*
A few minutes after placing our order, a colourful array of vegies and herbs arrived on our table. Bean sprouts, mints, lettuce and purple cabbage.

Dong Ba, Bankstown - herbs and vegies

Dong Ba, Bankstown - bun bo hue

bun bo hue
So hearty and… just fabulous. The herbs & vegies added a refreshing texture and the broth was worth all the hours it took to make.

Dong Ba, Bankstown - bun bo hue

Dong Ba, Bankstown - busy families at weekend brunch

families @ the weekend brunch

Dong Ba, Bankstown - longan with shaved ice

longan with shaved ice
The males of the house opted for rice dishes… my bro had the tomato rice and my dad went for the broken rice. We all ate with satisfaction 🙂

Dong Ba, Bankstown - tomato rice with beef

tomato rice with beef

Dong Ba, Bankstown - com tam (broken rice with grilled pork, meat loaf and shredded pork)

com tam (broken rice with grilled pork, meat loaf and shredded pork)
The verdict? I loved this place to bits. It’s casual, cheap and cheerful.
Dong Ba on Urbanspoon
Dong Ba
2/296 Chapel Road South, Bankstown
Phone: 9708 0327


  1. I just got back from Vietnam and you’re right — the food is so, so cheap!
    Do you have MSN? I’ve got a couple of quick questions that I’d love to ask you.

  2. Hi David – I’ve never been to Vietnam, but can’t wait! I’m going to eat and eat and eat!
    Yep, I’m on Messenger… have emailed you the details 🙂

  3. Haha yeah, this place is probably one of the best. Most of the Vietnamese restaurants in Canley Vale, Bankstown, Cabramatta…taste the same. And “the same” is pretty good, in my opinion. Bun Bo Hue Dong Ba is damn cheap, and so much is given, so much so that three people usually share 2 dishes. $14/3 = $4.67/p. I sound like I’m advertising, but this place is so damn cheap for dinner.


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