Ah… the digital age… where my photos are time-stamped.
Think back a couple of weeks. Or even a month. Remember what you spent that Friday night doing? What did you have for dinner?
Well, I’ve retained all of that info to share with you (now that i’m back in action)… So… many weeks ago, Zen and I feasted on a giant seafood and meat platter at La Vigna Cafe in the Italian Forum. This is my second visit, and I found that the service was just as impressive. Hmm… which reminds me… I haven’t read the Waiter’s Rant in a while!

Cafe La Vigna, Italian Forum Leichhardt

Moving forward, Cafe La Vigna has big comfy booths for couples and some adjoin larger tables for groups.
Within 10 minutes of ordering, an enormous plate of baby lamb cutlets, barbequed quails, souvlaki, spicy meatballs, Italian sausages, prawns, octopus, calamari, mussels, salad and chips were brought out…

(Seafood) Combo platter for two $65 / La Vigna, Italian Forum Leichhardt

(Meats) Combo platter for two $65 / La Vigna, Italian Forum Leichhardt

For just $65, we stuffed ourselves silly. Thankfully, all the calories were burnt off by the end of our 7 hour Poker game.
See my previous visit.
Or check out their website.
Cafe la Vigna Forum on Urbanspoon
Cafe La Vigna
Italian Forum
Shop 34, 23 Norton Street Leichhardt
Phone: (02) 9572 8599

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  1. WOW that meat… so much delicous meat… If I ever come up to Sydney im SO going there!
    Actually if I visisted sydney my mate who Id stay with lives in Leichhardt 🙂


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