I might as well try break the record and update this site with an astounding 4 posts in 1 day! So what if 2 of them have nothing to do with food?
You may recall, that a couple of weeks back, I went through an obsession with Korean food. Kimchi, soups, fatty pork rashers, BBQ marinated beef, salads of sweetened mash potato, bean sprouts and shallots are some of things I had craved.
CeCi is a small authentic Korean restaurant on The Boulevarde in Strathfield. The interior is adorningly cute with pink walls, floral wallpaper in shades of purple, blue and green and framed cartoon prints.

CeCi Korean Restaurant - metal chopsticks

I have never understood the Korean usage of metal chopsticks. They’re heavy, slippery and heat-up rather easily.

CeCi Korean Restaurant - condiments

Complimentary condiments of chestnut jelly, kimchi, beansprouts and caramelised potatoes.

CeCi Korean Restaurant - interior

The pork and kimchi soup was deliciously spicy. Tofu, kimchi and slices of fatty pork floated in a vibrant red soup.

CeCi Korean Restaurant - pork and kimchi soup

Pork & Kimchi soup

CeCi Korean Restaurant - seafood soup

Seafood Soup
The seafood soup was the exact opposite. It was filled with delicate flavours of blue swimmer crab, red dates, pipis, water chestnut, tofu, prawns and mushroom. The broth was so light and cleansing. Yummo!

CeCi Korean Restaurant - inside the seafood soup... blue swimmer crab, red dates, pipis, water chestnut, tofu, prawns, mushrooms in a cleansing broth

Ceci on Urbanspoon
CeCi Korean Restaurant
37 The Boulevarde Strathfield
(02) 9746 7710


  1. Hi Jen,
    Long time reader of your blog, first time post. Just wanted to say that Strathfield is my hood and we eat out at Ceci about once a week! Next time try the hot & spicy chicken and the beef rice cakes. Those are my favourites (along with kim chi & pork soup).
    Anyway, love your blog. Keep up the good work 🙂
    – Another self-confessed foodaholic.

  2. Hey Lynn, Thanks for the suggestions… I love rice cakes -will give the beef variation a go! Have you tried the hot & spicy chicken from Stra Pocha? It’s also at Strathfield 🙂

  3. doin a bit of research on which korean restaurant to take the oldies out to for father’s day and stumbled upon ur blog… one word ‘YUM’!! some sweet shts too =)
    out of interesr, do u take an external flash along when you shoot restaurants?

  4. Hi triggersnappy, most of the time, i use a compact camera… however when using the dslr, i tend to not flash as it annoys the other people dining there! hope you have a lovely father’s day! i’m still deciding on where to go too 🙂

  5. Hey I wanna try korean food but than I live in a small state called Wisconsin. Do u by chance know anywhere in the USA has good korean food? Yes,looking at the photo makes me really hungry.. Nice WORK..

  6. Hello Happy, Strathfield

    Last Monday would have been just another girly catch-up dinner at CeCi in Strathfield had I not discovered Hello Happy (to which I squealed with excitement). As you may have noticed, I’m a regular at Strathfield. With a growing South-Korean,…


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