Sydney Fish Markets

When you get cravings for fresh seafood… where do you go? The Sydney Fish Markets ofcourse! Working in the CBD means I only get such an opportunity on a public holiday or the weekend. So having made up my mind on Friday night… despite rain, hail, storm or shine, I was going to go.
Sunday was gloomy, dull and wet. There were pelicans, seagulls and lots of tourists! I’m a regular at Christie’s Seafood. They have the biggest and most tastiest lobster mornay… the prawn cutlets are always battered and fried to perfection… and the same old man is there every day of the week, carefully shucking fresh juicy oysters.
For some strange reason, Christie’s Seafood don’t do small cold platters with prawns and oysters. So I got mine next door. The spicy seafood cocktail sauce was an appetising accompaniment to the large prawns -tangy with a tiny hint of chilli. I had left my Tabasco at home, otherwise would have enjoyed my oysters twice as much. Nonetheless, they were delicious!

Sydney Fish Markets - fresh oysters and prawns with spicy seafood cocktail sauce

Sydney Fish Markets - seafood basket

Seafood basket from Christie’s Seafood
I heart Christie’s seafood basket because it fills me up. There are prawn cutlets, pieces of fish, crab stick, calamari and loads of crispy hot chips.
And last but not least… the lobster mornay with generous servings of salad and chips…

Sydney Fish Markets - lobster mornay with chips and salad

I had really wanted to get some tuna, kingfish and salmon sashimi… but was unfortunately too full at this stage. Haha… it’ll have to wait for another weekend!
By the way… Christie’s Seafood also do fabulous cooked-to-order abalone and crab 🙂
Sydney Fish Markets

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