…it doesn’t mean I like getting ripped off. Passionflower does not serve free tap water. They have a minimum $10 spend per person on Friday and Saturday nights… and for 3 scoops, you’re looking at paying at least $12. Now that I’ve got that off my chest… for the good stuff!

Passionflower no doubt offers unique and delectable flavours with an Asian twist. Some to name are lychee with rose petal, black sesame, jackfruit or durian… and more!
Tonight, we sampled the crepes with 2x scoops of ice-cream. The lychee flavour is sweet and creamy and has lovely bits of lychee all around. The cookies and cream is a classic which is hard to go wrong with.

Passionflower ice cream palour - crepes with cookies and cream, and lychee flavoured icecream

Next was the Eastern Sunrise. The waffle cup was crispy and looked as pretty as a vase full of fresh flowers. It was ingenuinely glued to the plate with some honey. A scoop each of green tea, sticky rice and taro were mounted ontop of each other, with bits of banana, lychee and orange marrying up the flavours. My favourite has always been the green tea flavour as it particularly reminds me of the Japanese cuisine. The sticky rice was nice too… glutaneous grains of rice were a fascinating texture.

Passionflower ice cream palour - eastern sunrise taro, green tea and sticky rice icecream with lychee, orange and banana in a waffle cup

Visit Passionflower at Capitol Square.
Web: http://www.capitolsquare.com.au/html/passionflower.html

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  1. it’s opp. the park at enmore.. passionflower is a ripp off… plus did you notice there’s no such thing as service there?

  2. We live on the Central Coast. My daughter and I both love black sesame ice cream. Every time we have craving we will have to travel to Passionflower at Capitol Square, it is a long way to go for an ice cream although it is worth to go. Please tell us where is the closest place to buy Black Sesame Ice Cream on the Central Coast. Many thanks!


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