I was down at Wollongong this weekend for a race day at Kembla Grange. So, watch this space for a few more Wollongong posts 🙂
Saturday morning was cold… and that’s the best excuse for a big greasy breakfast. Zen and I strolled down the street to the Mall. Cino Cafe has plentiful seats outside which was already starting to fill up at just 10.30am. We decided to step inside, away from the breeze, and placed ourselves in round leather booth chairs. The tables were slighly high… but this could have been the result of my slouching posture. On my left was a glass cabinent full of delicious treats. There were portugese custard tarts, cakes of all sorts, pasteries and more. Mmmm…
I controlled my temptations and ordered a hazelnut latte. This did not disappoint. It was served in a tall glass with a piece of almond biscotti.

hazelnut latte / cino caffe, Wollongong

Hazelnut latte
Zen ordered the iced coffee and again we were impressed with the generous serving size.

iced coffee / cino caffe, Wollongong

Iced Coffee
The breakfast menu was expansive too. Cino’s have pancakes, croissants, french toast, full or half breakfasts, omelettes, sourdough and jams… you name it. I opted for the full breakfast with my eggs sunny side up. They were cooked perfectly… with the yolk still runny, I lathered it all up on the buttered toast. There was also a plentiful array of mushrooms, bacon, sausages and hash browns.

full breakfast, sunny side up eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushroom, hash browns and toast / cino caffe, Wollongong

The full breakfast, $16.50
Naturally, Zen preferred his eggs scrambled… light and fluffy.

full breakfast,scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushroom, hash browns and toast / cino caffe, Wollongong

Scrambled eggs with the full breakfast

C U @ Cino Cafe Wollongong

Now that I was all nourished and warm… it was time to battle the wind & bets at Kembla Grange!
Cino Caffe
161 Crown Street, Wollongong Mall
Ph: 4226 1699

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  1. hey Jennifer 🙂 love your food blog. I just realise you use to tutor me year 12 maths lol 😛 so funny finding your blog randomly. ;__;


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