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Rhodes Phoenix, Yum Cha

I have just discovered a local Yum Cha that is comparable to those in the City. Rhodes Phoenix is neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Rhodes Shopping Centre (also home to giant outlet Ikea). It is the 4th child of the Phoenix Restaurants family, the other siblings being Sky Phoenix, Hilltop Phoenix and Manly Phoenix; so I suppose it’s success isn’t really that surprising.

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - trolleys

Marketed to Westerners, among the 500 seats are projector screens of cartoons and sport matches… these are entertaining yet frustrating since the chatter around the restaurant means the shows have to be played mute. The furnishings aren’t the usual chandelier with masses of gold and red either… there were dark mahogany cabinets, spotlight lighting and dark drapes. English speaking staff helped a lot also.
First up was the classic Har Gow. These were prepared the traditional way with whole prawns, wrapped in a perfect -not too thick or sticky rice flour sheet.

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - har gow, prawn dumplings

Har Gow (Prawn Dumplings)
Another traditional item was the Ham Sui Gok… not as big or crisp as I’ve previously had, but still it was sublimely filled with a mixture of pork mince, shitake mushrooms, bamboo and black fungus.

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - deep fried crescent dumplings, ham sui gok

Ham Sui Gok (Deep-fried Crescent Dumplings)
The Fung Jeow was absolutely divine. It was so tender and smooth… I think this absolutely exceeded standards… it’s the best i’ve had 🙂

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) -  fung jeow, chicken feet

Fung Jeow (Chicken Feet)

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) -  pork dim sims, siu mai

Siu Mai (Pork Dim Sims)
Sui Mai… what can I say? It’s the usual meaty dumpling… I ordered this dish for the man, as he likes his meats… haha! The prawn toast was a childhood delicacy. Fried on top of toast, I loveee everything about it -the crunch, the prawn paste, the sesame bits… mMmMm…

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - prawn toast

Prawn Toast
The desserts at yum cha have evolved in the recent years. Thumbs up to the fusion inspired Green Tea and Coconut Jelly, and the Mango Pudding.

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - mango pudding

Mango Pudding

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - green tea and coconut jelly

Green Tea and Coconut Jelly

Rhodes Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Yum Cha) - entrance and queue

Be sure to go early on weekends as it queues up.
Rhodes Phoenix on Urbanspoon
Rhodes Phoenix
Level 5, Rhodes Shopping Centre
Web: www.phoenixrestaurants.com.au

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