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5 year anniversary at Flying Fish

This is the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from my seat. Fabulous aye?

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - view of Sydney Harbour Bridge from window seat

Flying Fish is located in a warehouse along Pyrmont’s Jones Bay Wharf, just off Pirrama Road. The story hasn’t changed much since Zen and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary at Aria Restaurant. Monday morning, I had asked Zen to make a reservation at Ocean Room… Friday morning comes and he finally makes the call, only to be informed that they were booked out for a private function. Flying Fish was second on my list, so off we went to a double booked table.
We arrive early and eager at 6:00pm with a 6:15pm reservation. We’re reminded that they must clear the table at exactly 7:45pm for the next table and the waitress also recommends we go for a 2 course, of either entree and mains or mains and dessert. If the weather permits, we can even take our dessert and tea or coffee to the outside deck.
So, it’s 6:00pm and the restaurant isn’t ready yet. We sit outside on the bar as the lounges have been taken by business suits. I order the cheeky cheeky mocktail which consists of crushed mandarin, caramelised something and ginger beer. Zen has the Peroni… one after another.
It is now 6:30pm and a few new arrivers have been taken in. We signal that we’re ready and are swift away, upstairs to the best seat in the house. It’s a private table for 2… facing the cloudy harbour. This is my view of the kitchen (raw bar)… I loved the huge timber walls and light features.

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - view of kitchen / raw bar from table

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - dim lighting of table butter, mocktail and wine menu

The service is kind and efficient. We’re brought out warm linseed or white bread rolls, warm butter and sea salt flakes as the waitress introduces the daily specials and live tank.

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - linseed bread roll

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - white bread roll

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - Zen Huang and Jennifer Lam, 5 year anniversary portrait

Zen and I, on our 5 year anniversary…

0.5ct white gold diamond circle pendent

My pressie from him to me. It’s a white gold diamond circle pendent with box chain. I’m allergic to a lot of things so white gold is my preferred jewellery metal.
We order the Seafood Tapas to share as an entree and it arrives in no time. The scampi sushi was fresh and so tasty, it was my favourite of the four. The other tapas included a kingfish sashimi and an eel dish.

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - seafood tapas

seafood tapas

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - seafood tapas (scampi sushi)

scampi sushi

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - seafood tapas (eel)

some sort of eel thing
My main course was the Humpty Doo barramundi. It was cooked to perfection with soft flaky flesh. The figs were sweet and ripe, and the pear and herb salad was crisp and simply delicious.

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - Humpty Doo barramundi with witlof, fig, pear and baby herb salad

Humpty Doo barramundi with witlof, fig, pear and baby herb salad
Zen had never seen white asparagus before but was delighted with the taste. The Wagyu was char-grilled to a tender medium and was much bigger than it looked.

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - char-grilled wagyu beef sirloin, leek tart, cafe de paris butter and sauce chevreuil

char-grilled wagyu beef sirloin, leek tart, cafe de paris butter and sauce chevreuil
Now, look at these huge hand cut chips with chilli salt. They were thick, golden, crunchy and so flavoursome.

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - hand cut potato chips

hand cut potato chips

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - complimentary green salad

complimentary green salad

Flying Fish restaurant, Pyrmont - business cards

At precisely 7:40pm, not rushed at all, we asked for the bill and left our gorgeous table view. There were a few seats outside and the rain had cleared… but we were too full for dessert.
Flying Fish is now one of my favourite restaurants. The ambience was stunning, the food was fabulous and the service was sweet.
Happy 5 year anniversary, Zen.
Flying Fish restaurant
Jones Bay Wharf, Lower Deck
19 – 21 Pirrama Road Pyrmont
T: 9518 6677
W: www.flyingfish.com.au

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