Some time last week, I was invited to dine at one of Norton Street’s new pizza joints… operated by my sister’s colleague’s brother-in-law. Ha! That was a mouthful.
I was pleasantly surprised at the cosiness of the restaurant; the interior was long and terrace-like. The original rustic steel frames were exposed, complimenting the orange and beige hues. We sat further inside, away from the large mirrors -ensuring that none of us would be preoccupied with checking ourselves out.
While we looked through the menu, I admired the affordable prices and drooled over the blackboard specials. These yummy complimentary tomato bruschettas were brought out on a bed of baby spinach:

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - bruschetta

Check out these cool pasta colander lights –

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - cool pasta colander lights

The portions here were perfect. Between the four of us, we happily devoured a salad, pasta and 2 large pizzas. The salad was a luscious mix of green leaves, anchovies, sun-dried and roma tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic.

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - salad of roma tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, anchovies, feta cheese and balsamic

The fettucine salsiccia (sausage) consisted of thin strands of al dente pasta, tossed in a light tomato sauce with meaty bits of tasty sausage. It was scrumptious with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - fettucine salsiccia

The Campollo was covered with chicken, basil, Camembert and possibly capsicum and tomato.

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - Campollo pizza of chicken, basil, camembert...

The seafood was more gourmet and twice as tasty… I found myself finishing off 2 big slices.

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - seafood pizza

Desserts at 7ettimo included cakes and gelato. The mango gelato was delectably coated in a mango chocolate shell! Yummo. The tiramisu gelato and marble cake were a little ordinary… it left me thinking about some cannoli! (LOL, it rhymes. Try to rap that!)

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - mango gelato with chocolate shell

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - rich marble cake with ice cream

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - tiramisu gelato

The night soon evolved into random talk of cars, jobs, hobbies, what ‘Zenith’ meant… and what Christina is like at work versus home! It was past 10pm and Norton Street had just awoken.

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - Sunny Li and Zen Huang

Sunny & Zen

7ettimo Pizzeria, Norton Street Leichhardt - sisters, Jennifer Lam and Christina Lam

Me and my sister, Christina
Overall, 7ettimo makes delicious & simple home-style pastas and pizzas with a surprisingly affordable price tag. I’ll be a regular here, that’s for sure.
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165 Norton Street, Leichhardt

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