While I didn’t come across a McDonalds in Vietnam, there were plenty of other franchises. KFC, Lotteria (the McDonalds alternative) and Pho 24.
You can normally buy a bowl of beef noodle soup for $5000 – $15000 VND, so it’s slightly more expensive here, but you’ll see why.

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - lantern and signage

They focus on ultra-cleanliness and quality. You would never get a plate of condiments this clean in Australia. The mints were washed and all of the same size… the lime was lively and the bean sprouts even had their roots trimmed!

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - condiments, bean sprouts, mints, basil, chilli, onion, lime

The verdict? Although the pho stock was splendid, the beef didn’t really do it for me. I suppose there wasn’t all that much grass or land for cattle to graze on, but the quality of the meat cried out a huge difference to what’s offered in Sydney.

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - bowl of beef noodle soup

Pho 24 is in the big game. Not only are they all over Vietnam, but they manufacture drinks too. This sugarcane drink wasn’t too different to the fresh variety you can get on the streets.

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - sugarcane drink

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - creme caramel

For $44,000 VND (equates to around $3 AUD), I slurped up a big bowl of pho, drank the whole can of sugarcane drink and ate my way through this delectable creme caramel. Bargain!
On the menu were also traditional Vietnamese spring rolls, my favourite soursop shake and taro sago pudding.

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - spring rolls

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - soursop ice shake

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - taro sago pudding

Pho 24

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  1. Pho 24 rocks. I recently travelled to Vietnam and my sister who lives there introduced me to pho24. I instantly fell in love with it as I knew what to expect and that was quality pho. I was just searching for a pho recipe cause I miss it so much. Pho 24 is The BEST!


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