I’ve made my own baklava at home plenty of times. While it’s fun mixing and matching different nuts, syrup to pastry ratio and wacky shapes, nothing beats walking into a baklava pastry store. The huge display here offers more varieties of baklava than you can imagine.

Auburn Baladna Pastry: Arabic and European Sweets - baklava display

Auburn Baladna Pastry: Arabic and European Sweets - Pistachio baklava

Auburn Baladna Pastry: Arabic and European Sweets - baklava candy store display

Here’s what I ended up with:

Auburn Baladna Pastry: Arabic and European Sweets - packaged baklava

The long ones in the back-right are lady’s fingers cashew baklava… these are crispy, buttery and not overly loaded in syrup. Splendid. The round disc of pastry with cream has been an all time favourite of mine… the soft fluffy cream balances out the sweetness so well. Ah, and my second most loved baklava would have to be the king’s crown of long kounafa pastry which resembles a bird’s nest full of whole pistachios. It’s pure heaven.

Auburn Baladna Pastry: Arabic and European Sweets - my plate of baklava goodness including long kounafa pistachio baklava and cashew lady's finger baklava

Auburn Baladna Pastry
Opens 8am – 10pm daily!!!
150 South Parade, Auburn
Phone: 9649 2324


  1. Hey Jen,
    I used to go and visit Auburn often.
    Where abouts is this place? Is it on the main shopping side or is the side closer to Parrammatta road?
    There is also another lebanese sweets place in lidcombe. ive been to that place a couple of times..very nice sweets.

  2. Damn that looks awesome. I’ll remember to visit next time I’m in Auburn. I’ve made pistachio baklava before and it was pretty good. It does get overly sweet after more then a few though.

  3. Hey! I just want to say that I love reading your blog..its really exciting to see some awesome food documentary coming out Sydney! If you get time, check out mine..www.fooderati.blogspot.com (I’m more a writer than a photographer but passionate about food regardless!)

  4. I came here today and I have to let everyone know that the owner is a dishonest thief. I watched him weigh it and it said 700g (At $15 a kg I thought it’ll be $10 maybe $11)… he said “$13”, and I thought that’s not right… I asked him “is it one kg?” he said “$15 one kg”, and I asked again “did you weigh 1kg?” and he said “yes”. I felt scared so I just and left…. came home and weighed it, yep I was right……. watch him with a beady eye because he will steal an extra few dollars from you 🙁 Never going there again 🙁

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