When I decided to become a food blogger, I had vowed to eat, photograph and write about anything and everything gourmet. So while most of the time, I’d pass on fast food… Eagle Boys was different. It was hot from the oven… literally! The topping was chunky and so tasty & the base was both crispy and fluffy.
Eagle Boys is also 100% Australia owned and operated, so support them today!

Fast food - Eagle Boys Pizza: Hawaiian


Fast food - Eagle Boys Pizza: BBQ Chicken and Bacon

BBQ Chicken & Bacon
Eagle Boys

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  1. Dear Sir,Madam; First time I tried pizza from eagle boys a couple of gourmet pizza on december and I like them very much, I received them by on line order and I bought from Your shop by pick up several times as well.They were great until last night . I had by on line at 06.55 p.m Large peri peri chicken and The Scorcher as well. Chicken one was alright but THE SCORCHER had almost nothing on ,there were 1 pepperoni,1 onion ,1 jalepano pepper on each slice that’s all, forget about steak and other topics there was not even cheese on it !!It was worse than frozen pizza ,in fact ,frozen one has more topics on anyway. I’m not expecting refund or apology , just try to tell you that was the worse pizza , I ever ate !
    Sincerely ,

  2. Dear Sir, Madam,
    I had a complaint about a eagle boys The Scorcher pizza , right after my e-mail , They called me, politely explained to me and sent me a complimentary large pizza and a dessert tonight. I haven’t eat yet but looks good just like other eagle boys pizza I ate before. My mistake was I did not let them know right after that little problem by the phone but I had only wireless internet connection that moment. Anyway, Thank You Eagle Boys ,You’ll be the first pizza shop in my facebook account .
    Wish You Best Guys , Sorry about misunderstanding ,
    Max C.


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