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Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe

The plan today, was to have lunch along Glebe Point Road. There were these wooden bench seats beside a tall open window which caught my eye… and soon we were soaking in the sunshine. Badde Manors is a small, vibrant and quirky cafe that has grown up with Glebe for over 20 years. They offer typical cafe food with a vegetarian twist.
Think bright red walls, art-deco lights, mis-matched wall decorations and stacks of old books. If there was a cafe to summarise the personality of Glebe, this would be it.

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe (vegetarian) - people ordering from menu at counter

I started with this gorgeous mango smoothie ($5.00). It wasn’t the pretentious heavy-on-yoghurt-but-no-fruit kind. The sweetness of the mango was intertwined with the thick creamy goodness.

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe (vegetarian) - orange and pineapple juice and mango smoothie

Next, my workmates and I shared some hearty seasoned wedges which were served with aioli ($7.50). Crunchy and again, they weren’t the usual packaged potato you’d expect. The seasoning was so flavoursome and fresh.

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe (vegetarian) - seasoned wedges with aioli

There was also this scrumptious looking risotto of mushroom, rocket and white wine, which was served with garlic bread ($15.50).

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe (vegetarian) - risotto of mushroom, rocket and white wine, served with garlic bread

And I had the fettuccine ($12.50) with basil and pinenut pesto, fresh snappy asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes. I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t creamy but it was still refreshing to have a kind-of healthy lunch! (It was also served with woodfired bread.)

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe (vegetarian) -fettuccine with basil and pinenut pesto, asparagus and sundried tomatoes

This post is short and sweet ‘coz now I’ve got to start packing for Hobart, where i’ll be wining and dining over the next week! So, watch this space.
Badde Manors Cafe
37 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW
Phone (02) 9660 3797

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