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Kammadhenu has a menu which satisfies many Asian tastebuds. They have vast options available, categorically split by starters, curries, vegetarian, goat, egg, lamb, beef, chicken, seafood, rice/noodle, kothu roti, hoppers, breads, desserts and extras! Within the savoury dishes, they’ve even thoughtfully marked them up with chillis. There’s one chilli for mild, two for medium, three for hot and four for good luck!
We started with the gobi pakoda which are cauliflower tips dipped in besan batter (made from chickpea flour), deep fried and served with green chilli sauce. I love the crumbly texture and the tumeric flavour which is enhanced with cumin seeds.

Kammadhenu Newtown - gobi pakoda, cauliflower tips dipped in besan batter & deep fried
Gobi pakoda, cauliflower tips

Our basmathi rice is served on a thali (big round metal plate) which allows us to mix and match from our selection of dishes.
We have the eggplant curry, prawn sambol and butter chicken and of course a plain roti to mop up all the succulent sauces.

Kammadhenu Newtown - butter chicken curry with mild, sweet and creamy sauce, hot and tangy eggplant curry and prawn sambol
Butter chicken curry with mild, sweet and creamy sauce, hot and tangy eggplant curry and prawn sambol served in cute katori bowls

Kammadhenu Newtown - plain roti
Plain roti

With such so many options for dessert, we find it hard sticking to one and end up ordering the sago with palm syrup and sweet dosai.
The sago swam in a pond of milky coconut and could have been sweetened with more palm syrup. And within my other hand, the dosai was drizzled with circles of condensed milk. The crisp baked aroma was heavenly.

Kammadhenu Newtown - dessert of sago with palm syrup
Sago with palm syrup

Kammadhenu Newtown - dessert of sweet dosai
Dessert of sweet dosai

A visit to Kammadhenu is like a trip through South Asia. It is cheap, cheerful and crowded.
171 King St Newtown
Phone: (02) 9550 2611

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