Today is the last day of my week of convenience.
Yesterday’s Beef Lasagne was the last flavour to try as there are seven Real Food variants in total, 6 of which I had already tasted on day 1, day 2 and day 3. Seven flavours for each day of the week!
How was the experience?
The time I saved from grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking and cleaning was astounding and even productive but having Lean Cuisine twice a day for five consecutive days was pretty full on because I’m so used to eating out several times a week! They are no doubt frozen meals which are as healthy as “fast food” can get (that is, 97% fat free, and free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours) and more importantly, they’re deliciously satisfying. Well, most of them. This is my order of preference:

1. Pumpkin, spinach and ricotta lasagne: the best of them all and even better when prepared in the oven vs microwave
2. Sun-dried tomato tortellini: cheesy tortellini with a good textured sauce, what more do you need?
3. Beef lasagne: hard to go wrong with frozen lasagne i say!
4. Mushroom tortellini: so creamy, so quick and easy, this one works well in the microwave
5. Vegetable cannelloni: pasta is made from scratch!
6. Country-style mince and mash: perfect hearty meal on a cold night but looks less presentable of all meals
7. Honey mustard chicken and rice: very flavoured and nice mix of wild rice grains

Thank you Mark Communications and Nestle for the supply of Lean Cuisine!
Next week, there will be lots of cooking from scratch… or maybe just eating Mum’s cooking! I am sure going to miss it when I’m overseas. 13 days until Europe. Yay!

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