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Random. The food doesn’t stick to a theme. The rich burlesque decor doesn’t suit the laid back music. The service was at times slow and rarely consistent. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
It caters for everyone and with influences from all over the world, I love not knowing what I’m going to get. There’s an air of spontaneity.
On this Sunday morning, we decide to have brunch here before bargain hunting at Glebe markets which is just down the road.
Good coffee. Tick.

Roxanne restaurant Glebe - Cappuccino

I’m still half asleep but slightly stressed about the end of another weekend so decide to try the Calmer Karma purely based on its funky name. Thankfully, it was an awakening juice cocktail of green apple, celery and chilled chamomile tea. That’s a combination to remember! The menu says it should calm the system and aid relaxation.
I did feel relaxed and I did want another one!

Roxanne restaurant Glebe - fresh juice cocktail, calmer karma, a blend of green apple, celery and chilled chamomile tea. flowers of chamomile infused in water help calm the system and aid relaxation
Fresh juice cocktail: Calmer Karma

Today’s special was the soft shell crab salad and plenty of diners had the same idea as Zen. The fried seafood aroma which floated past me each time there was another order of the salad was so tantalising. We were surprised at the generous serving which included 2 whole crisp soft shell crabs. I’m pleased because it means there’ll be a lot more sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

Roxanne restaurant Glebe - today's special of soft shell crab with salad
Today’s special of soft shell crab with salad

My big breakfast took a while to arrive but its hearty array of free range scambled eggs, buttered thick cut toast, mushies, bacon, hash brown, slow roasted tomato and sausages did not disappoint. Not every table had the salt and pepper mills which was frustrating because ours didn’t and by the time I managed to catch the attention of a waitress my food had cooled down.

Roxanne restaurant Glebe - big breakfast with 2 free range eggs scrambled, bacon, mushies, hash brown, slow toasted tomato and sausage with butter thick toast
The big breakfast

But the randomness was good for us on this day because Zen and I were having very different days and very different cravings.
39 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
Phone: (02) 9552 6087

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