Apologies for the lateness of this post. As some of you will know, I am currently eating my way around Europe -with London and Barcelona done, I will be flying to Paris tomorrow afternoon.
Last Monday, I was invited to attend the first of four dinners to celebrate the launch of Chophouse’s roast dinners which are available 6 – 8pm, every Monday to Saturday or until sold out. Before you drool over the photos below or continue reading any further, let me just quickly say that these roasts are only $18 each! Their tagline sums it up well; “Just like a roast at Mum & Dad’s but we won’t make you wash up…”.
Chophouse, sister restaurant to Kingsley Steakhouse, is a New York style steakhouse which was opened in August last year. The restaurant space has been magnificently designed from floor to ceiling to bathroom. I loved the huge rib cages which hung over the seating areas.

Chophouse - ribbed interior
Ribbed interior

Our group synonymously agree to go half halves, allowing us to taste both the Riverine Premium Beef and Byron Bay Berkshire Pork with Crackling. Yes, crackling!

Chophouse's roast dinners - gravy, mustard and apple sauce, condiments
Gravy, mustard and apple sauce

The meats were accompanied with none other than the must-haves, that is, apple sauce and mustard for the pork and gravy for the beef. On the side, there were also a plate of green beans and a breathtaking potato gratin. The potato gratin was most popular on our table, everyone scraped the last bits of cream and parmesan crust… it was scrumptious.

Chophouse's roast dinners - green beans and potato gratin
Green beans and potato gratin

We also share the house Autumn chopped salad, a playful mix of cos, smoked chicken, prawn, avocado, sopressa, red capsicum, crisp chickpeas and vintage cheddar.

Chophouse's roast dinners - Autumn chopped salad
Autumn chopped salad

The crackling on each plate didn’t impress everyone on my table -“you mean not everyone likes crackling?!?”
The beef was cooked to perfection, medium and tender. And the pork was deliciously satisfying. So too was the well-roasted Japanese pumpkin and dutch cream potato.

Chophouse's roast dinners - Riverine Premium Beef and Berkshire Pork with Crackling, dutch cream potato and Japanese pumpkin
Riverine Premium Beef and Berkshire Pork with Crackling, dutch cream potato and Japanese pumpkin

A dinner is never complete without dessert and when the waitress brought out a block of housemade chocolate with almond brittle and a mini-cleaver, the only other female on my table and I cheered with joy.

Chophouse's roast dinners - housemade chocolate with almond brittle
Housemade chocolate with almond brittle

Chophouse on Urbanspoon

25 Bligh Street, Sydney CBD
Phone: 1300 chop it (1300 246 748)
Web: www.chophouse.com.au

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  1. you mean u guys get to choose beef or pork? cuz all ours already come in half half. and didnt have the green salad. The block of chocolate is so good isnt it? 🙂


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