One of the humdrum things which I’ve had to do since returning from Europe was open 5 weeks worth of mail! Within the stack of retail offers, monthly newsletters and bills was a parcel from Media Moguls Communication. Thank you Sarah, for my next fortnight worth of breakfast!

Carman's museli rounds
2 boxes: Carman’s Apricot & Almond Round and Carman’s Classic Fruit & Nut Round; 200g box of 5

Carman’s muesli has been a favourite of mine since my first discovery -and there are several reasons why. I love that it is Australian owned, the company and its founder have great entreprenuerial spirit and the products they produce are tasty and good for you.
These Rounds, which I’m told were only available on Qantas flights up until now, answer my need for a convenient but delicious breakfast. It is great knowing that they are low GI, GM free and contains no preservatives.

Carman's Museli Rounds convenient sized packs
Convenient sized and durable packs for on the go

They’re available in Apricot & Almond and Classic Fruit & Nut. Mmm, I love waking up to the taste of honey and cinnamon!

Taking a bite into Carman's Museli Rounds
A bite into a Round

As the founder Carolyn Crewell says, it is “the next best thing to a bowl of muesli“.
Carman’s Rounds are available at Coles and Franklin stores, $4.99 for a 200g box of 5.

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  1. Oh, i love Carman’s too! I have a box of their muesli bars sitting with me at work 🙂 But, what the 1st Betty said – is that all you have for brekkie?!

  2. Hi Betty and Betty! Yes, that’s all I have for breakfast! On a weekday, it is usually a cuppa or toast at maximum. Maybe now that its winter i’ll have porridge, but I’m not a morning person so I eat up at lunch. Weekends are a different story though! Bring on the brunch!


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