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My dream of gallivanting around Europe is over. London, Barcelona, Paris, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Bologna, Venice and Santorini seems so far away now that I’m back into routine in Sydney.
I will also be receiving the advance copy of my book in the next week which will only make me salivate over the abundance of street food and attempt to reminisce the traditional delicacies of Singapore and Vietnam.
So I need new inspiration.
If you could go anywhere in the world, on an ultimate eating holiday, where would you go and what would you eat?
Leave a comment below and flood me with your best experiences (if you’ve had your ultimate gastronomic trip already), your thoughts or fantasies on where you’d travel to or any recommendations!
Thanks a bunch my dear readers 😉


  1. Have you seen the show Man v Food? It’s a food show that has the host travelling across the States, participating in eating challenges of all kinds – if you watch that show on an empty stomach, you’re guaranteed to be salivating at the end of it! That has really made me do a road trip across America, but really, I will eat anywhere around the world!!

  2. Being a foodie like you I think I manage to make every trip an eating holiday! Except in the South Island of NZ. Beautiful but food FAIL.
    If I had to choose good eating destinations, Asia features heavily – Hong Kong, Thailand (esp Bangkok) and Japan have all been stopover points where we have ltd days and more meal options than meal opportunities. This invariably leads to much heated discussion and even introduction of a trade off rating system!
    The next big eating holiday will be in South America – but after that, maybe through China as there are so many diverse cuisines..

  3. hi jen,
    i’ve very recently started reading ur blog and think its awesome~ btw my name’s also jennifer & of course, a foodie 😀
    Our family went to taiwan last xmas and right now im just dying to go again~ the night markets are super awesome (must try the sausages, stinky tofu, and freshly squeezed bittermelon juice!). Of course theres hong kong, one of my favourite places in the world. We go every year but i never get sick of it. There’s so much to eat and buy 😀
    Then there’s japan~ another of my favourites; egg icecream is delishhhhh~ mmmmm.. i can almost taste the jap curry in my mouth .. 🙂
    oh btw, we’re contemplating going to greece..
    i’d just like to say that ur photos from santorini look amazing! i cant wait~
    from the OTHER jennifer 😀

  4. I’ve been to Japan, and that was a very good eating holiday experience, seeing as though you seem to love Japanese food as well, it would be very well worth the visit. While i was there, i had the freshest sushi from the fish markets in tokyo, as well as an area in tokyo renowned for it’s fantastic tempura, kobe for it’s traditional kobe beef steak (possibly the best steak i’ve ever had), fresh flavoursome ramen & katsu curries everywhere!! Osaka is home to some of the best takoyaki in japan, and the food market in Kyoto houses all things involved in Japanese cooking as well as an abundance of stalls selling loads of things to eat, from sweets and cakes, to savoury nibbles that can come in either boxes to pick at, or skewered on sticks. And i dont think it’s possible to leave Japan without filling your carry on bag with all manner of sweets, lollies and chocolates that are available at any convenience store all around Japan before you fly home.

  5. Hi Young Nic, I actually haven’t seen that show before, I’ll check it out, thanks!
    Hi Forager, thanks for the tip off on south island of NZ! I can’t wait to hear about your South American adventure! I’ve got China on the cards too -the boyfriend is learning mandarin at TAFE so we can travel there soon!
    Hi Jen, lovely to hear from you! Wow, bittermelon juice sounds interesting. Is that raw bittermelon juiced? I love bittermelon soup, but can’t imagine having it raw.
    Hi David, I’m trying to visit all the states! I’ve got NT, WA and SA to go, so will definitely drop by your area some time soon. What are your favourite restaurants in Adelaide?
    Hi Duesta, I went to Japan a few years ago but am really keen to go back as I wasn’t as much of a foodie back then. Your recount has me drooling…hehe 🙂


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