dining at bon ton resort
Dining at BonTon Resort, image source: www.bontonresort.com/nam.html
Lovely places to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia
By featured blogger The Chief Bridesmaid

I just wanted to share with you this awesome place I ate at in Langkawi in Malaysia. It’s the restaurant of a hotel called Bon Ton (www.bontonresort.com) and it’s apparently Rick Stein’s fave restaurant.
We stayed there (in traditional Malay huts on stilts with outdoor bath tubs) and ate at the restaurant a few times. Our fave drinks were the Cosmos (delicious but v alcoholic – keeps the mossies away!) and Pineapple green tea coolers (layered pineapple juice onto green tea topped up with Sprite with a drop of mint sauce on top – sounds gross, tastes divine!). Our fave food was the Laksa (not sure how to spell), and the amazing chicken sate the residents are served around the pool at 5pm!
You have to check it out for the ambience – v. chilled out, luxury yet boho – one of my fave places to be in the world and no, I don’t work there!

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