Cafe Du Coeur was a little French cafe on Bay Street which recently went through a brand revamp.
The result being Cafe Qube.
The menu, the scattered collection of random retro furniture and the iMac slideshow of staff polaroids are still there. You wouldn’t have known there was a change unless you looked at the signage.

Cafe Qube on Bay Street in Ulimo (formerly Cafe Du Coeur)
Inside Cafe Qube

In the Summer, weekday work lunch was always a rotation between Bourke Street Bakery Broadway’s (now closed) and Cafe Du Coeur’s salads. They were always freshly made which meant there was generally a significant wait. A favourite of mine is the Moroccan salad-a lively combination of fresh orange segments, dried figs, Spanish onion, olives and spices on a bed of rocket.
Although the cafe is also popular with local workers for its reliable morning coffee, I was here today for lunch. Don’t get me wrong, their all day breakfast was tempting… I was close to ordering the French Toast which includes a heart-throbbing mix of caramelized banana, ice-cream, mixed berries and maple syrup amongst other things.

Cafe Qube on Bay Street - North African Flame pasta
North African Flame pasta

I end up with the North African Flame pasta. It is penne tossed in a rich tangy red sauce with harissa, tomato, olives, onion, chicken and fresh herbs. Expecting it be more exotic, I was disappointed by its average Joe taste.

Cafe Qube on Bay Street - Beef and Guinness Pie
Beef & Guinness Pie

K has the Beef and Guinness pie which comes with a small side salad. I’ve always felt ripped off paying $9 for a pie that wasn’t baked from scratch in-house.
It may not have the best food in Ultimo, but the cafe is airy and its lounge chairs urge you to stay just a little bit longer. It’s a lovely escape from the chaotic shopping centre and a breath of fresh air from the office.
Cafe Du Coeur on Urbanspoon
Cafe Qube (Formerly known as Cafe Du Coeur)
56 Bay St Ultimo
Phone: (02) 9212 0025


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