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Once upon a time, we discovered ‘what’s hot‘ at the office water cooler… Then there was email followed by SMS messages and calls from those on unlimited mobile plans, forums, blogs and instant messenger. Today’s obsession with realtime micro-blogging has pushed Twitter into mainstream media, pushing word of mouth and social networking to a whole new level.
I tweet because I love learning and getting inspired by the interesting things people get up to outside of work -it’s an opportunity to meet the real person behind a blog or the chef behind your favourite dish.
Without Twitter, I wouldn’t have been exposed to the new kid on the ramen block. Lotus chef, Dan Hong‘s regular mentions of ‘chronic ramen‘ has triggered many curious foodies. Tweets tagged #chronic were soon coming from the likes of Grab Your Fork, One Bite More, ChocolateSuze, The Sydney Tarts and Eat Show & Tell.
What’s all this fuss about?
Well, precisely this:

Tonkotsu ramen soup = (7 days x 120kg of pork bones) + water + soy


The result is an intense collagen-rich stock that many fail to finish, hence it’s term ‘chronic’. The boiled down pork bones and marrow produce a thick stock which leaves your mouth slightly webbed, lips glossy with remnants and stomach, oh so satisfied. The collagen is meant to give you smooth skin too!

Gumshara ramen, traditional Japanese tonkotsu ramen in Eating World
Tonkotsu noodles, $8.50

I love the way the ramen clings onto the gluey soup, allowing you to slurp up the full flavour. For an extra $1.50 you can have it with a soft boiled egg, and another $1.50 will get you some chilli pickled cabbage which are great for breaking up the stickiness within the mouth. There are also little tin pots of pickled ginger, seasoned garlic and sesame which you can help yourself to. The tonkotsu is definitely one of the most traditional (that is, not watered down -which Gumshara also does offer upon request) I’ve had in Sydney.

Gumshara ramen, traditional Japanese tonkotsu ramen in Eating World: chilli pickled cabbage
Chilli pickled cabbage, $1.50

The ramen noodles are slippery soft but have a firm bite. The addition of bamboo, fresh shallots and my soft egg yolk add life to the cloudy stock. I managed to eat all of my noodles but left behind a small puddle of soup that began to form a layer of fat as it chilled. So tip of the day: slurp it down quick!

Gumshara ramen, traditional Japanese tonkotsu ramen in Eating World
Gumshara ramen counter and menu at Eating World

Head to this hidden eatery in Haymarket/Darling Harbour’s Eating World food court before it’s packed by the masses.
Note: Gumshara is closed on Mondays. I know, because I craved it on Monday and was disappointed to find the counter empty.

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Gumshara Ramen
Shop 209, Eating World Food Court
25 – 29 Dixon Street, Haymarket


  1. That is one hectic ramen. My first try was a fail but then again I it was my second meal after canapes at another event!
    Truth be told, I’m sick of hearing the word chronic now but it’s still one kickass ramen (even though I can’t handle it so thick!).


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