I don’t care what you call it (or how you spell it): slushee, slushy, slushie, slurpee or granita. But this has to be the world’s best tasting and looking slush.
Served on large martini glasses, LNC Dessert House offer over 20 variations of slushees. My personal favourite is this mango and lychee slush with mini sticky balls and mango gelato. Despite not being able to see much of the slush on first impression, they do serve the perfect amount -I found myself finishing it off just as I was beginning to shiver and get a brain freeze 😉
The colourful things you see on top are glutinous sticky rice balls. They have a light chewy texture which balances the smooth slush quite well. Also scattered beneath the scoop of mango gelato are whole pieces of crisp and juicy lychee, green mango and jackfruit.
The whole combination is sweet but not overpowering. It is fruity and refreshing.

LNC Dessert House, Sussex Street, Chinatown - Mango and lychee slushee with mini sticky balls and gelato
Mango and lychee slushee with mini sticky balls and gelato

Dianne, my dining companion, had her usual repeat order of the mango slush with fresh grapefruit and sago. I think any dessert with sago is usually a winner.

LNC Dessert House, Sussex Street, Chinatown -  Mango, grapefruit slush with sago
Mango, grapefruit slush with sago

Other slushee combinations include mango slush with cendol, mini sticky balls and mango gelato; red bean slush with sticky rice and coconut gelato; lychee and strawberry slush with strawberry gelato and black sesame slush with green tea gelato. Click on the menu below to for others.

LNC Dessert House, Sussex Street, Chinatown - menu
Click the menu to zoom in

LNC Dessert House is the closest thing to Hong Kong’s legendary desserts without having to step on a plane. These slushees totally beat anything from a convenient store.
Mmmm, I could do with another one now.
LNC Dessert House on Urbanspoon
LNC Dessert House
Shop 12, 339 Sussex Street, Sydney
Phone: (02) 9283 3832

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