I’m always chuffed when invited to exclusive PR events or launch parties, but when I realised that my name was on the door-list under my newly founded book publishing company I Ate My Way Through, I was more than stoked (thanks to Time Out & Wasamedia)! So in celebration of that recognition -and of course to welcome Ocean Room’s new look and new menu, I partied in style with a gorgeous crowd.


Ocean Room Restaurant re-launch party: cocktails and finger food served by geisha girls
Cocktails and finger food


After a quick strut on the red carpet, my partner in crime and I headed in and were immediately greeted by internationally-renowned mixologist Andy Penney’s cocktails. I managed to have all three of seven cocktails before they switched over to beers and wines. My favourite were the pear puree with mint and Moet and another concoction consisting of ginger and shiso leaves.


Ocean Room Restaurant re-launch party: kitchen preparations
Kitchen prep work


The restaurant’s signature live tank aquarium was now replaced by award-winning designer Yasumichi Morita’s masterpiece, a chandelier which towered over the bar; made up of thousands of miniature wooden cylinders. The main room’s revamped space continued the theme by featuring the wooden cylinders across the entire curved ceiling, creating a submerged wave effect. The light features added the final touch to a relaxed intimate atmosphere. I can’t wait to come back here for a proper sit-down dinner as I’m sure the new look will only make the harbour views even more stunning.


Ocean Room Restaurant re-launch party: oysters, tuna and more cocktails
Oysters, tuna and more cocktails


Ocean Room Restaurant re-launch party: Raita Noda, Yasmichi Morita, Mr. Imemoto
Raita Noda, Yasmichi Morita and Mr. Imemoto (plus Mel and I in the background!)


The night continued with delectable food served by beautiful Japanese females dressed in traditional kimonos, followed by a dramatic showcase of Japanese Taiko drumming and a live performance of the slicing of a 56kg blue fin tuna. Yes -that is a samurai sword you see in the photo below!


Ocean Room Restaurant re-launch party - slicing of blue fin tuna
Key performances: Japanese Taiko drumming and blue fin tuna slicing


Ocean Room Restaurant re-launch party: Jennifer Lam (food blogger behind JENIUS and managing director of I Ate My Way Through) and Zen Huang
Me & Zen


Like what you see? Ocean Room’s 2 months of renovations is now over, so check out the new menu and book a table today 🙂

Ocean Room on Urbanspoon
Ocean Room Sydney
Overseas Passenger Terminal
Level Ground, Circular Quay West
The Rocks NSW
Phone: (02) 9252 9585
Web: oceanroomsydney.com


  1. Hi there,
    The Ocean Room in Sydney looks truly wonderful and I wish we had something similar in Hong Kong but unfortunately we dont as of this moment. How was the food & drinks?
    Happy Eating & Drinking!


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