So I’ve just returned from 5 weeks away in Europe. Anyone who knows me personally or who reads my blog will know that I’m uber organised and will travel almost anywhere to eat. Planning a holiday can be exciting but also time-consuming and frustrating if you’re researching via a multitude of mediums like blogs, forums, magazines or word-of-mouth. Here are some of the tools I have discovered and can’t plan a trip without:

Google Calendar
Copy and paste all your flight, accommodation details and restaurant reservations for an itinerary you can access anywhere. It is print-friendly and shareable with family and friends.

A sexy and more collaborative version of Google Calender! I love the pin-board visual and the drag & drop functionality makes shuffling activities much easier.
Duffel Up - trip planning tool

Seat Guru
Ever wished you had booked the seat in front of you with extra leg room or flown with another airline which offers wi-fi? Now with Travel Adviser’s Seat Guru, you can get the lowdown of airplane seating and in-flight amenities! Handy as hell.
Seat Guru chart

Know others I have missed? Leave a comment to share your trip planning tips.


  1. Jennifer,
    Glad that you enjoyed Duffel! Not only is Duffel a great tool to plan trips, its flexibility actually allows you to do just about anything. I use it to create a list of my favorite restaurants in cities I’ve lived in – easy to keep track of those places and share them with friends.
    Your book looks very interesting – I love to eat too.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Duffel and look forward to see you there again!
    Will Cheung


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