Pieno cafe, surry hills, sydney - all day breakfast, coffee and grapefruit juice
All day breakfast – coffee and fresh juice

What I’ve been doing a lot of lately, is surrounding myself with other motivated and passionate individuals who have left their secure full-time jobs and are doing their own thing. There seems to be more and more friends doing 4 day working weeks or even changing careers completely. The inspiration must be contagious.
On this particular day, I had brunch with the fabulous Mel (aka Fooderati). With both of us coming from advertising backgrounds, our passion for food and appetite for new experiences led us to leap towards new opportunities. As we caught up on each other’s recent ventures, we soaked in a bit of sun and munched on a delightful breakfast at Pieno in Surry Hills -which is a relatively new little place adjacent to The Winery by Gazebo and opposite Thomas Dux Grocer on Crown Street.
I started off with a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It was intensely citrusy and bitter sweet which was exactly what I needed.
I spent longer than usual browsing the all-day breakfast menu and finally put my new waistline reduction obsession aside and ordered the blueberry griddle cakes which were served with melted butter and maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar. They were moist and hearty and generous in serving size too as I only manage to finish off half the plate.

Pieno cafe, surry hills, sydney - blueberry griddle cakes served with butter and maple syrup
Blueberry griddle cakes (pancakes / hotcakes) with butter and maple syrup

Mel’s sauteed mushroom bruschetta with an extra side of bacon was as enormous and hid beneath a promising garden of rocket. The scent of the toasted bread which had been lightly coated with garlic oil was divine.

Pieno cafe, surry hills, sydney - all day breakfast, breakfast bruschetta of sauteed mushroom with rocket and garlic oil and a side of bacon
Breakfast bruschetta of sauteed mushrooms with rocket and garlic oil and a side of bacon

Sometimes, there’s nothing much better than a late morning start with a good breakfast!
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11/285A Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW
Phone: (02) 8354 1303


  1. i love breakfasts its my fav meal of the day except lately i’ve been on the banana diet all i’ve eaten was bananas booo
    but on weekends i fully splurge and eat the biggest breakfast i can *sigh*

  2. Hi Ed, hehe… but is her tatt as recognisable as her face? :-p
    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse, that sounds like my kind of weekend too but doing it on a weekday is even better!
    Hey Betty, your banana diet is very intriguing. are you allowed to prep the bananas in different ways or must it always be raw?
    Hi Fooderati, it was lovely brunching with you babe 🙂
    Hey Howard, follow your passion and do it 🙂


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