Jennifer Lam - in the press, food blogger featured in MX newspaper, Sydney November 2009
Many of you who follow me on Twitter will know by now that I was super thrilled to have been featured in last week’s (Wednesday, 11th November, 2009) mX newspaper!
Hello to readers from mX!
Sydney commuters were greeted with a big foodie smile on Page 5 which said:

Get your gob around this meal deal
Jennifer Lam loves to eat. And she loves to write about and photograph her meals. The Gen Y food blogger from has a photographic exhibition of her Asian gastronomic adventures at Global Gallery Paddington until Sunday.

mX is a bright, energetic must read for the busy city worker targeting the young and affluent -a generation driven by aspiration. mX provides an afternoon ‘pick me up’ for city commuters with its daily mix of fun, news, sport and entertainment. It has an average circulation of 98,743 with a total readership of approximately 314,000 Sydneysiders.



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