Ask The Butcher iphone app, a must have for foodies
Back in August, I posted Part 1 of ‘Must-Have iPhone Apps for Foodies’. Four months on and the app store is still buzzing with new developments that some of us foodies are hooked onto.
Please join me in welcoming guest blogger, Franz Scheurer (also known as blues_junkie on Twitter), who has compiled Part 2 of iPhone Apps Foodies can’t do without.
Franz is the man behind Australian Gourmet Pages, a Spirits Editor for Gourmet Traveller’s Wine magazine and a contributor to Blend magazine (New Zealand), American Express Centurion and Platinum magazines.

By Franz Scheurer

As a food and drink reviewer it’s always good to keep up-to-date with technology and the following iPhone apps are ‘must-have‘:

Decibel $1.19
This is a simple decibel meter that works. If you ever wondered just how noisy a restaurant is, this is the app you need. Fantastic!
SMH Good Food Guide 2010 $11.99
If you buy the book you will need more than one; for the home, for work and for the car. If you download this app for the iPhone it is always with you and it’s a searchable database, quick and convenient. I love the: ‘what is open now’ feature!

Ask The Butcher $ 2.49

The Puharich name is synonymous with quality meat in Sydney. Be it the fabulous wholesaler Vic’s Meat or the funkiest butcher shop in Australia Victor Churchill, they know they meat. Now you can too with this fabulous app that not only shows you the name of the cut (with pics) but also features great recipes and a facility to order on-line. Top marks!

Herbs+ $ 3.99

Herbs+ offers you information of popular herbs, complete with images, gardening tips, culinary ideas, medicinal uses. You can also link to a specific herb to Wikipedia without leaving the app.
Fromage $ 3.99
Another foodie app that is a definite must-have. Detailed information on over 650 cheeses, including images, history, flavour profile and suggested wine matches. Indispensible!

Consume $ 2.49

Ever dreaded the arrival of the phone bill? Now this is a thing of the past. With Consume, a usage monitor, you get a clear graphic of your usage. This way you can make sure you use up as much of your plan as possible without going over and incurring hefty fees. Works with more than 44 providers in 6 countries.
Shazam Encore $ 5.99
This is clearly black magic. Ever wondered what the tune is that is playing? No longer; point Shazam at the sound and it will tag the song, come back to you with who it is and display the CD and give you a chance to download / buy it, and share it with your friends. Awesome!

Are there any other foodie apps you can’t do without? Share yours by leaving a comment below.


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