Sometimes it takes a fresh set of tastebuds for you to truly appreciate a cheap eat. I’ve been going to Temasek for their traditional Malaysian and Singaporean fare for ages. But only recently, had I introduced this place to my parents!
Needless to say, they absolutely loved it.
I didn’t have my camera with me that day, but here are pics from yet another cheap and cheerful brunch with the boy.

Temasek Parramatta - king prawn har mee noodle soup - yellow egg noodle with king prawns and fishcakes in prawn flavoured stock
King prawn har mee noodle soup

Har “prawn” Mee “noodle” ($11.80) is a Penang hawker delicacy that I adore. Its broth is cloudy and punchy -full of flavour from the wok-seared prawn heads and chilli which went into the stock. It is usually served with a mix of vermicelli and Hokkien noodles, but I like mine just with Hokkien noodles as it has a firmer texture. Soaking up the broth are also bok choy, bean sprouts, king prawns, a hard boiled egg and fish cakes. Traditionally, there would also be thinly sliced pork meat, but it has purposely been left out here.
Garnished with crisp fried shallots, this noodle soup can cause some slurping action and bad breath!

Temasek Parramatta - Hainanese chicken rice
Hainanese chicken rice

The Hainanese chicken rice ($12) is another classic Malaysian/Singaporean favourite. Glistening pieces of tender chicken is served with a fragrant chicken-stock and garlic flavoured rice. Accompaniments include fresh tomato and cucumber pieces, a bowl of chicken broth and the crucial dipping sauces of dark soy sauce and a chilli and ginger vinaigrette.
Like any Asian diner, the dishes are brought out when they’re ready -with no respect to it being a starter or main. So our entrée of beef curry puffs (three pieces for $4.80) were served mid-meal. These were scrumptious and piping hot.

Temasek, Parramatta - beef curry puffs
Beef curry puffs

And to prepare ourselves for battling the Summer heat, we share the ais “ice” kacang “bean” ($4.50). A deliciously refreshing tower of red bean, grass jelly, pineapple and palm seeds served with crushed ice in a bowl and topped with palm sugar, rose syrup, condensed milk and creamed corn. If it had jackfruit, longan and lychees, I would have been in foodie heaven!

Temasek, Parramatta - ice kacang, combination of red bean, grass jelly, pineapple and palm seeds served with crushed ice in a bowl and topped with palm sugar, rose syrup, condensed milk and sweet corn
Ice Kacang

Temasek on Urbanspoon
71 George Street, Parramatta, NSW
Open Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday & public holidays)
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm)

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  1. I would have to disagree with you. I would hardly consider Temasek a cheap eat. I find it more mid-range with regards to prices. If you consider this cheap, I’d hate to see how much your paying for other places for similar cuisine! 🙂
    Having said that, I like a lot of what Temasek has to offer, inclusing a number of dishes you’ve listed. I’ve become a recent fan of ais kachang. Don’t think I’ve had a bad one yet. Wonder if that’s even possible 🙂

  2. i prefer my ice kacang with lots of canned syrupy fruit. i saw your recent blog post on ice kacang actually -love that you’ve added canned jackfruit! mmm…

  3. I consider a cheap eat as a meal under $10 – 20. I’m interested to hear where you think the best Malaysian cheap eat is? I’m a bargain hunter so do share! 😉

  4. I love their Hainanese chicken! So soft and tender and its great that it’s been deboned as well. The curry puffs look great and I could do with that giant mountain of ice kacang right now…

  5. I’ve never been to temasek but definitely looks like a place worth keeping in mind! That har mee soup looks great – believe it or not, I’ve never had it!

  6. Mate, temasek is a singapore restaurant..not malaysian, plus temasek is singapore ole/traditional name pre-1918
    also Hainanese chicken rice has also been a singapore thing…it’s incorrect to refer it to a malaysian favourite.


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