Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending the Sydney Royal Easter Show’s showbag launch media event which you could say was like fulfilling a childhood fantasy! Imagine, all 302 showbags spread out in one giant hall… no crowds, no queues and plenty of time to snoop for new showbags as well as old classics. (Yep, I’m one of those people who never leave without a Bertie Beetle bag!)
As like last year and probably the year before, cooler bags seem to be a trophy item with showbags this year such as Dora the Explorer, Dare Iced Coffee, Nova, Dairy Farmers and a heap more including them in their mix. They must have discovered my reasoning pattern as anything functional gets big ticks from me.
Oh, and an exciting new one in the range is the Gossip Girl showbag which comes complete with B’s headband! You know you want it!
I’ve also put together a short video for your very own sneak peek:

Check out the complete showbag catalogue on the official website. What showbags are you gonna get this year?
Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010
When: Only 4 weeks away! 1 – 14 April
Where: Sydney Olympic Park
More info:


  1. Ooo sounds like fun. I love all the dodgy things in show bags that break as soon as you get them home. I think a tip for the kiddies (and young at heart) is to get ones with as many lollies and chocolate as possible. Do they have a Gossip Girl show bag with a Chuck Bass scarf?

  2. Haha, I was so disappointed last year when my radio shower died after a single use! Good advice, I always go for the food showbags too… I find that the magazine ones are just full of sample items and back issues. I won’t be surprised if a Chuck Bass showbag is launched next year!

  3. Lots of touching on my behalf but I didn’t take any home. It was much nicer what they did anyway – they invited sick kids from the Childrens Hospital to road test the showbags! :))

  4. Haven’t been the the sydney show since the last Moore park one in 1997… so no, no showbags (unless someone wants to send me down a hello kitty one? )

  5. hey if anyone has any ideas for showbags let me know
    we are part of the creative team and looking for what you want in your showbags

  6. I hope so! A few had already sold out on the day I went but I’m sure it was just a temporary stock hold-up… I have my fingers crossed for you!

  7. I’m going this year, so keen! I cant wait to pick up my own gossip girl SB, but i’m soo devo that they dont have any jumbo-posters ):


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