Can you imagine the disappointment on my face when I called up MoVida eight weeks in advance to make a reservation and was told they were fully booked? True, it was a busy period with people flocking to Melbourne from all over the world for the Australian F1 Grand Prix and the Comedy Festival, but I wasn’t happy… That is, until I was kindly offered a reserved table for two at MoVida Next Door (which strictly speaking, doesn’t take bookings)! They must have heard the desperation in my voice!
I’ve read many good things about MoVida and have been eyeing their cookbook so when I was told that MoVida Next Door was a more casual bar version of MoVida, I was thrilled. I’ve always much preferred the more affordable, non-pretentious tapa experience.
The menu is traditionally split into three sections: conservas (preserved foods), tapas (individual items) and raciones (slightly larger plates for sharing) plus there are daily specials on the chalkboard above the bar. There are the Spanish must-haves like Spanish Serrano ham (jamon serrano, $14, which is unfortunately out of stock on this day) and garlic prawns as well as other brilliant inventions, pairing new techniques with old flavours.
Seated at a high bar table, I conveniently find a hook beneath the table to hang my handbag. It is just perfect as I hate eating with it on my lap!
We start with freshly shucked oysters (ostra, $3.50 each) which are delightfully creamy. They’re served with some sort of jelly and vinaigrette, leaving an open appetite lingering behind.

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - ostra, oysters chucked to order

Our flat grilled prawns (gamba a la plancha con refrito, $3 each) arrive just in time as I’m about to take a bite into the freshly baked bread. Like many of the dishes to come, it is served on a classic glazed terracotta dish. Already peeled and deveined, I quickly enjoy the wonderful marriage of garlic and chilli. There’s just a tiny bit of oil left on the plate so I mop it up with another bit of my bread.
I’m carefully pacing myself as I’ve frequently made the mistake of eating too much bread before all the tapas are served.

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - freshly baked bread and inside the restaurant

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - gamba a la plancha con refrito, flat grilled prawn with garlic and chilli

Next we have crispy eggplant chips with Salmorejo sauce (Berenjenas, $9.50) which is just amazing! Thin fingers of eggplant remain delicate within a crust of golden batter. The tomato-based sauce is slightly tangy and works well in complementing the rich complexity of the eggplant. A quick search has led me to a recipe for these. If you attempt to cook this recipe before I do, let me know how it turns out!

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - berenjenas, crispy eggplant chips with salmorejo sauce

Keen to get my first taste of razor clams since returning from Barcelona, we also have the tasting plate from the conservas menu. It consists of Cantabrian tuna belly, Galician razor clams and Escabecha mussels (entremeses, $16). The portions are disappointingly miniature for $16 but are so so so scrumptious. I think ordering another dish from the raciones menu would have been better value.

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - entremese - cantabrian tuna belly, galician razor clams, escabeche mussels

Our heartier tapas are served last. The pork and pepper sausage with clams cooked in cidar (monte y mar, $16) and Black Angus rump chargrilled with cauliflower and almonds (bistec, $16) are both spectacular and definite standouts! The pork and pepper sausage dish is fragrant and tasty – I love that the clams and sausages are drowned in cidar as I can’t think of a better way to polish off my bread than to soak it in the aromatic juice.

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - monte y mar, pork and pepper sausage with clams cooked in cidar

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - Jennifer Lam and Zen Huang

Meanwhile, my first bite of the Black Angus leaves me speechless; it is ridiculously good! The nutty flavours of cauliflower, paired with sliced roast almonds and super succulent Angus beef is more than just amazing.

Movida Next Door, Melbourne -  black angus rump cap chargrilled with cauliflower and almonds

Movida Next Door, Melbourne - signage of the laneway

And so that, my dear readers, was one of the best lunches I’ve ever had.
MoVida Next Door
1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne (just off Flinders Street), VIC
Visit their official website

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  1. I was already very impressed by MoVida Next Door, I can’t imagine how else MoVida could top it! But I’m sure they will… some how… Hope you get a table!

  2. Hello!! My name is SIMAUMA. I write blog about the food.Please look.And I am glad if I link to your blog. (URL)

  3. i think the key to trying Movida without a booking is to turn up there early at the bar. when i was recently in Melbourne i didn’t think of booking but as i walked past at around 5 pm i just went in and was sat at the front and could order wines and dishes 🙂

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot about Movida. The food looks so delicious here. I’m not usually a fan of tapas because the portions seem so small and I don’t get full. But this one is definitely worth a try! Hope they open a Movida in Sydney!


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