For as long as I can remember, ice cream has always been an indulgent reward. Growing up in the 90’s meant I used to cherish ice creams like the Bubble O’ Bill… Remember those?
Well, into adulthood, I now appreciate the finer things like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Creams, which are available in pint sized tubs at selected delis (making them perfect for the freezer at home) or by the scoop at their flagship store in Manly.
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Creams are very textural and deeply satisfying, often featuring gourmet chunks of chocolate, fruit and candies. It can be gooey, crunchy and creamy all at the same time. They’re the ultimate indulgence for foodies.
In celebration of the new autumn pint tub flavours, Phish Food, Triple Caramel Chunk and Half Baked, I have some delicious treats to give away to three lucky JENIUS readers!
That’s right. FREE ICE CREAM!

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream competition giveaway

The Prize
There are three prize packs up for grabs! Each contains:

  • 2x Pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (valued at $11.95 each)
  • 2x Ben & Jerry’s post card packs
  • 1x Adorable Ben & Jerry’s pen
  • 1x Handy pint cozy to keep your hands warm and ice cream cold
  • 1x Wrist band with the cheeky slogan ‘Peace, Love & Ice Cream’
  • 1x Melted spoon
  • 1X Ben & Jerry’s re-usable shopping bag

How To Win
In 25 words or less, leave a comment below and tell me which of the new pint tub flavours is your favourite and why?
They are:
Phish Food (featured above) – One of Ben & Jerry’s most iconic flavours and a best seller since it first hit shelves back in the 90’s. Named after the Vermont-based band ‘Phish’, it’s a medley of chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow, caramel swirls and schools of chocolatey fish. This flavour rocks!
Triple Caramel Chunk (featured above) – Caramel lovers, rejoice! The finest caramel ice cream with a swirl of golden caramel and, as a crowning touch, buttery-soft pieces of chocolatey covered caramel.
Half Baked – Ben & Jerry’s have the ultimate concoction for indecisive ice cream lovers everywhere: twisting together two all-time favourites with fudgy brownies and chocolate chip cookie-dough they’ve created a unique recipe that’s doubly euphoric.
So make your response creative 😉
Terms & Conditions

  1. Sorry, because ice cream can be tricky to deliver, this competition is only open to Sydney residents. The prize packs can only be delivered within a 10km radius of Surry Hills, Sydney; or alternatively, can be collected from Surry Hills between Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm.
  2. Competition closes 10/06/2010, 11:59pm AEST.
  3. Winners will be announced on this page on 12/06/2010.

Contents of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream giveaway

For more information about Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, go to


Thanks so much for giving me the joy of reading all your brilliant competition entries! It was a tough job choosing just three winners but congratulations Maestroj, Bowb and Chris Gander!


Stay tuned for more giveaways on JENIUS 🙂


  1. Oh definitely the phish food…the idea of having marshmallows in ice-cream is a combination that is sending me into spin!

  2. I love phish food. It’s not phishy! It’s ooeeyy gooey and makes me drool like a ______ (insert swear word here). hehe

  3. Phish food! Had my first taste while in the states last with my wife and Ben and Jerrys icecream just takes me back everytime.

  4. Triple Caramel Chunk sounds great,
    Phish Food sounds incredible,
    But cookie dough is what I rate,
    So Half-Baked seems most edible!

  5. Half-Baked. Chocolate, vanilla, brownie AND cookie dough… Really, what’s not to love?! So indulgent and delicious.

  6. Best innovations come from “half-baked” ideas, It’s the fuzzy, delicious area between blankness and finality, where anything’s possible, like winning a B&J’s ice cream pack! 🙂

  7. Phish Food reminds me of carefree days backpacking ’round the world, that essential sweet reward at the end of an exhausting, dirty day.

  8. My fav new flavor is Half Baked because it combines the two best ice cream flavors in the world, and the name is hilarious! 🙂

  9. Half-baked! “Never judged an ice-cream by it’s name, cause euphoric won’t be the only sensation it’ll bring! Eating one has never taste so divine.”

  10. Triple Caramel Chunk: The “chunk” is not about the texture, but the sensation in every spoonful that this is a “chunk” of heaven in dessert form.

  11. Phish ice-cream sounds disgusting, but when you put that first spoon in your mouth……..oh my, heaven! As Homer would do…….aaaaahhhhhhh!

  12. Half Baked. Cookie dough and brownie makes the ultimate chewy icecream which stays divine till the melted bottom of the pint…

  13. Having not sampled any flavour, but as a caramel lover from way back, Triple Caramel Chunk sounds like it would become my favourite.

  14. I love the taste of Phish Food (and I am not a fish), as it is mouth watering good, especially those lovely chocolate fish (and I’m no fan of the real fish).

  15. Chocolate fishies, oh so brave
    Riding on the caramel wave
    Fill my mouth with crunch and goo…
    Sticky mallow — you come too!
    Yay, Phish food!!

  16. Chocolate, chocolate, oh how I love chocolate. Brownies and cookie dough (that childhood obsession!) and ice cream in one, Half Baked is divine.

  17. Thank you for all the competition entries guys! You’ve all brought laughter into my Friday morning 😉
    Choosing just three winners will be tough, but keep them coming! xx

  18. Phish food. Goodness knows, I haven’t been able to catch fish by conventional methods. These phish, have no chance of escaping my spoon!

  19. Phish Food for sure – its the Ice Cream combo to die for. Chocolate, Marshmallow & Caramel – Oh my tummy is rumbling.

  20. Ow Fish food!-swirls of caramel and marshygoo,surrounded by waves of chocolate ice cream then swimming around are choccy fish too!

  21. Love love love triple caramel, that goey taste of caramel followed by biting into a choc caramel piece of chocolate, yummo! pleasure is all mine!

  22. Triple Caramel Chunk is my fav! oh im so in love with caramel, i havent had ben and jerrys, when i did try and go there at manly it had closed after i got off from i love everything CARAMEL and this would be ultimate heaven!!!!! i think it would be better then sex!!!!

  23. Half Baked is by far the best. Taking the two best flavors-that is true genius! I have grown up eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream-we used to make special trips to get it when the first store opened in San Diego. My step dad had us fooled for the longest time, telling us Ben and Jerry were friends of his that made great ice cream.

  24. Half baked for sure!!
    Always keeps me wanting more
    Fudgy yummy brownies & scrumptious cookie dough
    Oooh ooooh how I love you so!!

  25. Half Baked – what more awesome then brownies and cookie-dough mixed together with ice cream. Gorgeous flavour hit every mouthful

  26. tried B&J’s icecream in hong kong a few years ago and was so excited when they opened a store in oz. love icecreams with lots of bits, would love to try phish food!!!

  27. Phish Food!!! Have been waiting 5 years for this ice cream to get here (since I had my last tub)- the marshmellow, the caramel, the FISH. Just awesome!

  28. Phish Food. Because now I can prove to all my seafood-hating friends that fish *is* delicious. Those silly, silly kids. *shakes head*

  29. Phish Food – the first Ben & Jerry’s icecream that I ever had and it contains all my favourite foods. And those phish – what fun!

  30. Times are tough apparently due to GFC, Buy 2 for the price of 1. I will go for Half baked for sure wa ha ha ha.

  31. Phish food:
    – It has adorable fish – extra protein, extra cuteness!
    – It has street cred (amongst hipsters, at least)
    – Did I mention the fish?

  32. I scream for half baked ice cream. It’s so delicious. It’s the cream of my dreamies. So nice they couldn’t wait to let it finish.

  33. Phish food, because there is no better combination in the world than marshmallows, caramel and CHOCOLATE!! (In fish shapes too!)

  34. Three times the fun…if I won..a caramel sweet treat for bounce in my week..and chunks to attract a hunk to bunk 😉

  35. So hard to choose! I guess Phish Food sounds the best, I love marshmallows (think Rocky Road), I AM ADDICTED to caramel aswell!!

  36. It might have started out as a twisted, half baked idea… but HALF BAKED sounds awesome to me! I gotta have it…..please?!!!

  37. Hake Baked, its a perfect blend of my two favourite treats rich choc fudge brownies and choc chip cookies both of are especially tasty with Ben & Jerry’s rich ice cream.

  38. Fighting crime is tough as a man. Despite the freezing cold, Triple Caramel Chunk swirls golden caramel lighting my inner fire. That’s right, I’m superman.


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