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The Langham Melbourne Hotel

Being a Gen Y myself, I know that many of us would choose budget accommodation as a compromise for splurging on other things such as shopping or food. We love our luxuries but are wise with the way we spend our disposable income. My trips over the last few years to Melbourne has seen me stay at beautiful places like The Royce Hotel and the Oaks serviced apartments as well as those with the bare minimum like Formule One or UniLodge.
However, up until my last trip to Melbourne, I don’t think I knew what the definition of a luxury hotel really was (note: I said luxury and not extreme luxury, like the five star resort I stayed at in Santorini last year which is incomparable to anything else on this planet). I have previously ruled out The Langham because of it’s price and classic decor, but let me just start of by saying, this stay just blew me away. And not because I stayed as a guest of Cobram Estate. I would happily rebook at The Langham on my next Melbourne trip… This is why:

The Langham hotel Melbourne - our room

Our room featured stunning panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline and the Yarra River.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - the lobby

It was so spacious and the grand European decor was enchanting.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - stunning view from our room

Plus it was conveniently well-stocked and so luxuriously equipped.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - the bathroom

The Langham hotel Melbourne -  conveniently stocked

The Alice in Wonderland theme used throughout the stationary and in-room dining menu sums it up well – the room was much like my personal wonderland.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - in-room dining

By the time Zen and I arrived at the hotel, it was well past 10:30pm (which was much later than planned) so we decided to indulge in The Langham’s in-room dining services. The All Day Menu was available between midday and midnight and offered a selection of any two courses for $55 or three courses for $65.
There was already a tasting plate of delectable sweets in our room from The Langham’s Afternoon Tea down stairs (thank you Caryn for organising this treat!), so we opted for the two course.
Thirty or so minutes later, our cute little doorbell rings and a perfectly set table is wheeled in. The two sides are sprung up so that the rectangular table top is now an elegant circle, and we are advised that our hot dishes are sitting in a thermos oven which is tucked under the table.

The Langham hotel Melbourne -  in room dining: entree of south australian oysters served natural with champagne dressing, Zen Huang

Zen starts with his entree of half a dozen of South Australian oysters, served natural with champagne dressing. The champagne vinaigrette really complements the oysters well and makes it a gorgeous decadent starter.

The Langham hotel Melbourne -  in-room dining oven

I have the seared scallops which are plump and meaty; I love the wonderfully wholesome confit tomato, cauliflower puree and butter nage it is paired with.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - Jennifer Lam, in-room dining, entree of seared scallops with confit tomato and cauliflower puree served with butter nage

My main course is the five spiced roasted duck with mushroom risotto, bok choy and plum sauce. The duck is rich and aromatic but is slightly dry and over-cooked. We’ve taken our time with the starters so I’m not sure if this is a result of us leaving our main courses in the thermos oven for too long. The mushroom risotto is beautiful and earthy and the dish is overall heightened with an Asian accent – the plum sauce.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - in-room dining, main course of five spice roasted duck with mushroom risotto, bok choy and plum sauce

Zen has the seafood mixed grill, consisting of generous portions of scallops, tiger prawns, salmon and a Moreton Bay bug.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - in-room dining, main course of seafood mixed grill of scallops, tiger prawns, salmon and Moreton Bay bug, parsley, potato and tomato hollandaise sauce

We’ve also added on a side of fries which we polish off with the Beerenberg and Edmond Fallot condiments.

The Langham hotel Melbourne - in-room dining, side dish of fries with Beerenberg tomato sauce

Dessert ends up being the remaining half of the Afternoon Tea tasting plate as I’ve snuck in the first half while waiting for room service to arrive!
There’s a fluorescent green citrus tart, a chocolate jaffa shot, a chocolate dipped strawberry, a slice of Amarascata roulade and a mocha mille-feuille. If you enjoy afternoon tea, then you will absolutely love having it in the middle of the night, while in your pyjamas!

The Langham hotel Melbourne - afternoon tea platter

The Langham, Melbourne
1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank, Victoria
Phone: (03) 8696 8130
Web: www.melbourne.langhamhotels.com.au

JENIUS stayed at The Langham as a guest of Cobram Estate. All meals (except for the dessert tasting plate) were paid for in full by JENIUS.

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