I wasn’t the first to squeal with excitement when Apple announced the release of the iPad… But since purchasing one, I can proudly say, it is so much more than a “big iPhone that can’t make calls“! I don’t think many apps have taken advantage of the iPad’s full capabilities but having it on the bedside and in the kitchen has been amazing.

Here are five of my favourite foodie iPad apps:

Fish Ball ($1.19)
A single or dual player game based on a popular Asian street food item, fish balls. Gorgeous graphics and highly addictive.

SettleUp! ($1.19)
Splitting the cost of an event or dinner bill among several friends is a headache we have all had. SettleUp! lets you efficiently enter all the expenses and does the calculations for you, all within in a nice clean interface.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (Free)
This is probably the first lifestyle app most people download. It’s free and includes an enormous collection of recipes. Plus it has some handy features such as the comprehensive search (by main ingredient, cuisine type, meal/course, dietary consideration, dish type or season/occasion) and shopping list.

Top10 iPad Apps For Foodies - Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List

Smart Chef Suite ($3.99)
Perfect for the home cook, this app helps you find substitute ingredients for all your cooking, baking, dairy, herbs, vegetables, spices, alcohol and dessert; convert volume, weight or temperature and look up culinary terms!

Serving Sizer Pro ($5.99)

This app is awesome. Use it to organise or customise all of your recipes. The serving size converter lets you easily resize recipes based on the number of guests you need to serve – halve, double or triple the quantities without any hassle.

Have you come across any other cool foodie iPad apps? Leave a comment to share.


  1. Ah, In the latest gourmet traveller, I saw they have an app where you can purchase the magazine through itunes and keep them all on file on the ipad. This is probably one of the main reasons I would consider getting the ipad!


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