If you are like me and haven’t yet had the opportunity of eating your way around New Zealand, then you will be thrilled to hear about this upcoming food and wine promotion happening throughout September.
I have partnered with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to present New Zealand’s First XV of food and wine in Sydney, which will give us all a taste of what New Zealand has to offer.
Of course this also celebrates the ‘One Year To Go’ mark, of its role as hosts of one of the world’s biggest sports events – Rugby World Cup. (Some of you may have already seen the giant rugby ball in Circular Quay)
A specially hand-picked team of Sydney’s top fifteen restaurants will be showcasing the bounty of New Zealand’s finest produce, matched with the very best drops of their internationally acclaimed wines.
Don’t know much about New Zealand’s food and wine? Here are ten facts to get you up to speed:

  1. New Zealand Regal King Salmon is the ONLY salmon in the world that doesn’t use any antibiotics in the rearing of their salmon.
  2. New Zealand Greenshell mussels became the most valuable export species in 2006, worth $182 million
  3. New Zealand wine is contained in bottles from an estimated 66% recycled glass and wrapped in recyclable packaging from sustainable forests
  4. NZ meat industry boasts one of the most robust quality assurance systems in the world
  5. Enjoying a long tradition of innovation, New Zealand’s world leading dairy industry has pioneered such products as the world’s first spreadable butter and milk powders specifically targeted at pregnant and breastfeeding women. New Zealand is the fifth largest cheese exporter in the world.
  6. FirstLight Wagyu comes from one of the most pure-bred Wagyu herds outside of Japan
  7. By 2012 the aim of NZ Winegrowers is for all NZ grapes and wine to be produced under independently-audited sustainability schemes.
  8. Manuka honey, extracted from the flower of the native New Zealand manuka bush, has amazing antibacterial properties that can treat any infectious organism.
  9. New Zealand is recognised as a world leader in fisheries management, with rigorous mechanisms and controls in place for managing quotas, ensuring sustainable harvests and continual renewal of the ocean habitats.New Zealand also exported the first shipment of frozen meat in 1882
  10. Approximately 10 percent of all known marine species are found in New Zealand waters.

Now, hop over to the sponsorship feature to find out which restaurants are participating, and what their special offers are! Remember, this is available during the month of September 2010 only, so plan ahead and don’t miss out.
What: NZ’s First XV of food and wine in Sydney
When: Sept 1 – 30
Where: Various restaurants in Sydney; click for the complete list
Cost: Varies from $25 up to $100
As you can see, costs are reasonable so visit a few restaurants and take your taste buds on a trek to New Zealand!


  1. We made our first ever visit to NZ a few weeks back and were blown away by the brilliant food! Of course, their wonderful wine came as no surprise to such a dedicated fan as myself.


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