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Vivaz Buffet Restaurant & Nightclub

No buffet has ever gotten me as excited as this one. This restaurant has broken the ‘quality over quantity’ golden rule by giving us both. You heard right… Quality AND Quantity.
Lovers of pork crackling can now rejoice at the churrasco grill with unlimited serves of roast pork which is dry-rubbed and roasted with caraway seeds. If crunchy crackling isn’t your thing, how about the flame grilled chicken wings with paprika and chilli? Or perhaps you would prefer the grain-fed beef with tequila barbecue sauce.
The Latin American concept behind Vivaz goes to as far as the live music dance floor where salsa enthusiasts can shake off all the calories they’ve just consumed. Perfect for hens nights, which I am coincidentally here for (in case of any confusion, I thought I should also clarify that it wasn’t my hens night). But anyway, what happens on the hens night, stays on the hens night, so there are no photos apart from photos of food, glorious food.
Here’s what we had:

Jugs of sangria    •    Roasted bellpeppers    •    Tomtato, bocconcini & basil salad

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney -  jug of sangria, roasted bellpeppers, salad bar

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - churrasco grill station

Garden salad

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - mixed garden greens

Bread    •    Cucumber, coriander & peanut salad    •    Pumpkin & fetta salad with olives

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - bread, salsa, cucumber, coriander and peanut salad, pumpkin salad with feta cheese and olives

Broccoli, bacon and almond salad with curry mayo    •    Potato salad

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - potato salad

Chilli con carne    •    Oven roasted potatoes with cumin    •    Ratatouille

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - ratatouille and view

Grain fed beef    •    Chicken wings    •    Pork    •    Argentina style chorizo sausages    •    Fish fillet in Spanish salsa sauce

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - flame grilled meats and roast pork

Seasonal fresh fruit    •    Chocolate liqueur mousse

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - fresh fruits and chocolate mousse

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant and Night Club Sydney - Latin American band - live music on the dance floor

I initially had my doubts about the pairing of an all-you-can-eat with a nightclub, but it definitely works here and I’ve become a big fan.

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Vivaz Restaurant & Nightclub
80 George St, The Rocks NSW
Phone: (02) 9251 4467
Web: vivaz.net.au

Open: Friday & Saturday nights only
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