I came here to try the phở (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) and left on a high note after tasting the bánh canh cua chạo tôm (Vietnamese thick crab noodle soup with grilled prawn paste).
The phở đặc biệt (Vietnamese special beef noodle soup, $9) here is a sizable bowl of fragrant broth laden with beef balls, tendons, tripe and rare beef slices. It’s not the best we’ve ever had but stacks up above average.

Pho dac biet - Vietnamese special beef noodle soup at Hoang Gia in Flemington

Pho tai (Vietnamese rare beef noodle soup) at Hoang Gia, Flemington

Meanwhile as the boys get their phở fix, my sister and I get the bánh canh cua chạo tôm (Vietnamese thick crab noodle soup with grilled prawn paste, $10). Thick starchy noodles made from rice and tapioca flour are interlaced with flakes of crab meat in a tasty rich soup. The noodles are slightly chewy with a lovely bite and the addition of the grilled prawn paste is divine. The chạo tôm (grilled prawn paste) has of course been wrapped around sugar cane and grilled, so it complements the noodle soup with a gorgeous natural sweetness and highlights the magnificent aromas of shellfish.
The garnish of fried and fresh shallots and coriander offers cut through and it is even tastier with a spoonful of fresh cut chillis.

Hoang Gia, Flemington - banh canh cua chao tom - Vietnamese thick rice/tapioca noodles with crab meat and prawn paste

Noodle soups FTW!

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Hoang Gia
2/98 The Crescent, Flemington NSW
Phone: (02) 9746 0166

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  1. Mmm… so many more other noodle soup variations to recommend to you! Have you ever tried the bún riêu? It’s a tomato & crab based broth which is eaten with vermicelli and shrimp paste. Haven’t tried that dish here but it’s my ‘other’ favourite noodle soup to order, apart from this bánh canh and pho!


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