Sushi has become a worldwide phenomenon. Foodies and hipsters have adopted this food, making it highly fashionable and leading to the opening of many plush and expensive restaurants in trendy neighbourhoods. The following Japanese restaurants have some of the best sushi and sashimi on offer.

265 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BA, UK
+44 207 388 8399

Booking is essential as Asakusa is full to the brim every evening, despite a low-key appearance and location in a slightly rough around the edges area of Camden. Japanese people highly recommend this eatery as having the most authentic Japanese food in London.

The menu is vast, with pages and pages of nigiri, maki and sashimi amongst other dishes such as breaded oysters in mustard sauce, eel wrapped in egg, and gyoza. The best value is the sushi, however there are dozens of sets to choose from at affordable prices. Have a glass of shochu, the Japanese version of vodka, to wash it down with.

Tokyo Diner
2 Newport Place, London WC2H 7JP, UK
+44 207 287 8777

Quite ironically located in the heart of Chinatown, this Japanese eatery has been going strong for many years. Its three floors are always busy, and the simple décor with lanterns and maps of Japan add to the charm.

On the menu, one can order chicken or pork katsu don (with an egg cracked over hot rice and left to cook), bento boxes, spinach goma daré (spinach and sesame sauce), and miso; as well as a wide range of sushi, including the vegetarian futomaki variety. Meals rarely come to over £10 a head, and extra servings of rice and green tea are free.

Ema Tei
30 Saint Patrick Street, Toronto, ON M5T 3A3, Canada
+1 416 340 0472

Japanese visitors to Toronto flock to Ema Tei as it delivers the most authentic food in the city. There are no California rolls on the menu – cuisine is strictly Japanese, with no flourishes or ‘fusions’.

Décor is austere and unpretentious because this restaurant does what it says on the tin. Whilst their sushi and sashimi dishes don’t break new ground, they’re extremely fresh and delicious.

3114 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90057-1016, US
+1 213 387 8498

Located on West Beverly Boulevard, this restaurant used to be owned by the same person as the acclaimed Costa Mesa eatery of the same name. Its reputation remains high thanks to very fresh halibut, tuna, sea bream and snapper sashimi.

Due to the owner’s predilection for fine wine, Shibucho has an unusually large selection on offer to accompany the food. Try pairing a Rioja or Bordeaux with nigiri sushi for a new taste experience.

8439 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90069, US
+1 323 650 8585

Katana’s dimly lit sushi restaurant is beloved of LA’s hip foodies. Owned by the same company as the trendy Delphine and Station, Katana’s robata grill make it stand out from the rest. Aside from that, the sushi menu is so varied it’s hard to pick. From spicy tuna with avocado rolls to crab wrapped with freshwater eel, each variety provides a new and exciting flavour. Ideal for people-watching, but don’t expect many Japanese diners here.

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